How to Pin Pants to Hem

Knowing how to shorten trousers is a useful skill. Men’s dress pants with the unfinished hems, sewn. It is also useful to extend the pants, especially when children have a growth spurt and their legs suddenly too short, but the pants still around the waist, and they are in good condition. Sometimes pants shrink when washed and should be too short for foot comfort. Fortunately, most of the pants is large enough for the hem seam of the extraordinary hidden inside the extended run hem pants down.


• Insert the pointed end of a seam ripper loop stitch seam that holds the hem in place with one pants legs. Squeeze breaking the cycle. Repeat every four or five stitches. Pinch the length of wire between the index finger and thumb on this suture line on the opposite side fabric where the wire is intact, and pull out. The thread is torn through eight stitches. Develop the hem according to Investtops, and press the steam iron or iron with a damp cloth. Repeat opposite the hem.

• Put the pants and shoes often wear pants. Have an assistant ready to mark the desired length pants in front of and behind the foot where the Pantheon to meet your shoes.Assistant to acquire a sign in front of your foot instep and midway down the back behind the heel of the foot spot. Mark these spots on the pants pins. Fold the two top items evenly, turning toward the cover from the wrong side of the trousers pants.

• Press the folded edges in place of iron. Develop longitudinal seam binding, which is suitable for the periphery of the base leg. If the seam binding is the type that has been folded, raising the maximum width. Flat iron binding.

• Turn the pants inside out, so the wrong side is facing up. Place the leg binding on the wrong side. Align the long edge of the seam binding leg raw, unfinished facing each other on the right side of the front right side of pants on the inside of the fabric binding. Bind the wrong side is facing you. Pin enabled. Stitch seam binding leg straight stitch close to the edge of the blade as possible.

• Fold a hem along the leg pressed the wrong times. Pin enabled.

• Sew the hem in place by hand, by sewing the seam on the edge of a binding open. Contact through the small loop turned to the edge of the hem, and even smaller stitches on the right side of the checking of the fabric to stitch you order loops do not appear in the right side of the pant fabric.

• Having a tight loop through a series of the same location across from the hem stitching graduating leg circumference.

• Repeat steps 3 through 6 with one foot. Press skirts in place.