How to Match the Shirt to Sweater


This style practical guide, we will see how to properly match a sweater with a shirt. The right combinations mean that the look is always perfect and flawless, without renouncing to a personal touch and original. Fashion is constantly changing but remember that elegance and taste never they will decline.

 For daily but a formal occasion, such as the classic working day, choose your look simple and comfortable but not overlooked in the details. It prefers the shirts in natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, ideal for staying in contact on the skin and let it breathe for several hours without too much trouble. The sweater that I suggest is open, so you can easily take off based on the temperature of your workplace. The shirt will look good in a classic fantasy, like little squares in shades of blue and camel, or in more sober version of the lines, in any key. Cardigan instead be chosen plain, which would incorporate the tones of the shirt below.

For the free time, the sweater and shirt combination will surely be less formal. If you love the sporty look, choose a nice shirt of lightweight jeans, worn with the top two buttons undone lacing, combined with a cardigan color camel or blue, maybe made ​​it particularly applied to details such as elbow patches in fabric color contrasting. If you have more classical tastes, put a striped shirt with a beautiful tailoring, turn to a sweater in the open plain, with a jacket cut (see photo) and the rather heavy wool to create a beautiful contrast of colors and shapes with striped shirt.

 In general, remember that a good matching sweater and shirt also depends on the correct proportions of the garments. If the shirt has a wide neck and is made ​​of heavy fabric, the sweater will be quite suitable necked and strong consistency. If instead the shirt is more informal and with modern cuts, such as the Korean, the ideal sweater is the lightweight cardigans, wearing open or connected exclusively with the last buttons. Patterned shirts are matched only plain sweaters. Finally, if you wear the timeless white shirt, not sadden your look with sweaters in solid colors blue or blacks, but thou it current with a vest of fine wool like cashmere for an important occasion, or a soft cardigan cut sweatshirt for your outputs in your spare time.

In case you are not lovers of sweaters or if the weather does not allow to wear them you can opt for an elegant tie. The tie is the classic accessory that symbolizes the masculine elegance and it is appropriate to wear in formal situations. But even with this accessory the pairing problem persists. The tie before you adapt to your clothes will have to adapt to your body: if you have a lean physique and subtle prefer ties more subtle, otherwise if you prefer a more robust physique the more thick ties. The ties are distinguished by colors, patterns and textures. In case you are a beginner with this stylish accessory is recommended united ties combined with the classic plot “regimental”. In case you are already more experienced you can match the patterned ties with complete solid. The fantasies are better during the day while the united ties together are more appropriate for evening. On official occasions opt for solid colors and not very bright colors.