How To Know Choosing The Right Backpack

Do you think out this weekend and walk a few hours hiking a day or several days on the mountain, and do not know that backpack actually use, you’ve come to the right place where you advise the right backpack for your workout either Of a single day, two days, three days or more

It’s time to discover all our tips to choose and prepare the backpack that goes according to your need!

Above all it is very important before buying a backpack analyze the planned route in 2 main points:

  1. The duration  of the  trek or trekking
  2. The unevenness  of the  trek or trekking

To help you choose we will introduce you to three main types of activities associated with three types of backpack.

Are you lovers of hiking on  flat trails  or on  uneven trails?

Well we can talk about many brands of backpacks, but this time we will focus on the Quechua Brand which is within reach of everyone in terms of  quality and price

Well as for the models that designs the Quecha Brand in the market has developed  two models  and let me advise them before buying

First place is  ARPENAZ

Second Place  ESCAPE

The Escape Backpack 22L  for example, is usually perfect for everyday life or for a trip out according to

Essential list of products to take when preparing your backpack are:
– 1 liter of water
– A bar of cereal
– A waterproof jacket

Are you the ones who prefer to go to the mountains for a full day?

Then in that case the use of a backpack with greater capacity and say of 20-40 liters isrecommended .

If you go hiking with the kids opt with the big backpacks you can get bigger

Here we will use the  Forclaz Backpack,  and we will carry the following products inside the backpack like:

2 liters of water per person

Lunch at noon

The cereal bars

Sunglasses and sunscreen

An additional polar type layer

An impermeable layer

A route map

A camera to capture your experiences

There is also provision for  trekking poles

Finally we will talk about the trekking of several days

This item is addressed to those who wish to submerge for several days in the mountains and sleep the night under a tent or a shelter.

The capacity of the ideal backpack is between 50 and 70 liters  or 40 liters in case you plan to stay some nights in shelters or family shelters

For your comfort, now there are already equipped backpacks with technologies that facilitate the easy adjustment and thus you can enjoy a pleasant trekking route in the  mountain

And in case you want more technical backpacks, Sophisticated & Novelty, We invite you to click on the photo and get in touch with the latest in backpacks brands like Millet-Deuter-Salomon-ETC.