How to Dress for a Wedding

What are the right clothes for a wedding in the fall? Admitted and not granted that there ever, here are some tips on how to dress if you are invited to a fall wedding. From designer boutiques, to special occasion dresses more bases, here you will find lots of interesting ideas for special occasion dresses suitable for September, October and November.

Fall wedding coming up and you’ll surely be invited? Impanicate on “what will I wear?” Here are some ideas!

Obviously keep in mind the time of receipt. As we know, whether or not of a fall wedding, the main difference is whether we are invited to a morning or evening ceremony.

In the morning, in fact, we can also opt for autumn clothes more “sportsmen”, while if the reception is at night, you should go on dark colors, cuts the most elegant and refined accessories.

A fall wedding, day, for example, is a great time to wear pencil skirts, a flared skirt, navy style cocktail outfit perhaps that is so fashionable during this year.

Excellent also the soft colors such as pink and a sandal or a neutral sabot.

If your fall wedding is in the evening, you definitely think of heavier like those cold wool, woolen cloth and also the pantyhose, penalty, remain chilled while on the move and dinner.

Opt for elegant stoles and shoulder coverage until you can dare even with faux fur and be something perfect.

Colours? For the evening, Brown, dark blue, royal blue, color of the year 2014-2015, dark green, purple and of course black.

In our gallery you will find many, many bridesmaid dresses all to copy on!!

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