How to Dress Baby to Sleep

For that baby sleep well, do he did neither too hot nor too cold. Comfort and safety are the two key words to consider for a good sleep! How to dress baby to sleep? Follow these tips to find the clothes and accessories that best suit his sleep.

How to Dress Baby to Sleep

How to dress baby to sleep: the basics

In general, baby is like us. If it was cold, it is likely that the same is true for him. We must therefore learn to adapt depending on the ambient temperature. Summer or winter, baby will not wear the same thing for a good sleep.

Check the temperature of the room

The Institute for domestic accident prevention recommends a temperature between 18 and 20 ° Celsius. From a general, a baby is better acclimatize to cold than hot, just add thickness. To help you, there are temperature sensors, very useful if the temperature fluctuations in the room are important. You can also opt for a simple thermometer that will check regularly.

The right clothes

The baby clothes to choose vary with the temperature of the room. Here are our tips for specific temperatures according to Computerminus:

Traditional clothing (to a temperature between 18-20 ° C)

  • Bodysuit cotton
  • Pajamas one piece (onesie)
  • A sleeping bag: This quilt / pajamas clinging to the shoulders, is an essential accessory for baby sleep

If it is cold (winter <18 ° C)

  • A long-sleeved body: baby warm guard holding his coat
  • A thick pajamas room
  • A sleeping bag long-sleeved removable: baby is covered from head to foot and can not be discovered unintentionally.

Of course, check that baby is not too hot. If this is the case remove the detachable sleeves of the sleeping bag or use a thinner pajamas.

If it’s warmer (20-24 ° C))

  • A short-sleeved bodysuit
  • Pajamas finest cotton
  • The sleeping bag with short sleeves

From 25 °

Baby can sleep in Body, it will not be cold. Can not let him sleep topless, it needs a little something to protect it.

Choosing the right sleeping bag

Finding a good sleeping bag is not necessarily obvious. Some brands facilitate your task with temperatures of indications. We recommend the turbulette Slumbersac. Simple and effective, approved by the team Baby Dodo.

If it’s really too hot

To regulate the temperature and give a little baby to look, you can install a small fan in her room. If the noise is relatively quiet, it may help baby fall asleep by masking any other noises in the house.

Hats and Caps

To forbid!!! Baby regulates its temperature by its ends and especially its head. A cap is particularly risky because baby could “overheat”.

Duvet, duvet covers and other

It’s a bad idea to use a baby blanket. One has indeed cover a choking hazard to your little one. Emphasize the sleeping bag / sleeping bag which is ideally designed for baby.


Ribbons, strings and other decorative elements that can pose a danger of suffocation or strangulation.