How To Cut The Sleeves Of A Shirt?

It is possible to shorten or cut the sleeves of a shirt or a denim jacket in a few easy steps, without being an experienced fan of DIY so far. With the help of video tutorials and a sewing machine, edit your next favorite shirt.

You have found the shirt denim ideal, but the sleeves are too long and you have enough to roll up to the elbows? You have found a shirt vintage with a beautiful printed and would like to turn it into a sleeveless shirt? Do not run immediately at your grandmother or your friend. It is quite possible to shorten or cut the sleeves of a shirt yourself. Follow the guide step by step.

Shorten too long sleeves

Evaluate the amount of tissue to remove.

On a first run, disassemble the wrist of the handle with a unpicks quickly, that is to say, battle points related the wrist of the shirt in the inning.

Then, cut the excess fabric measured at the beginning (be careful not to remove handle the risk of also having to retouch the wrist). Keep the piece to cut the same length of fabric on the other sleeve.

Place the tip of the handle cut in sandwich in the wrist and start by fix the whole tissue, side buttons, with a PIN. Do one or two folds just after the buttons (without necessarily measure) using the handle still intact as a model to help. Here again, use pins to secure the folds. With of the thread and a needle, make big points of construction by hand at the new junction of the neck and wrist to break free of the pins.

At the machine, Start sewing on the outside of the wrist and position itself for sew about 2 mm from the wrist-neck junction (distance varies depending on the shirt). Finish sewing about 2 mm from the edge of the wrist. Be sure to secure the seam ironing on the points of beginning and end remove points of construction made by hand.

You just to start again for the second round!

To help you, the video tutorial at helps you better understand the different steps. The process to touch up an shirt or denim jacket is about the same.

Make a sleeveless shirt

Son of colors matched to the shirt, you will need a pair of scissors, a unpicks quickly, a sewing machine and maybe a few pins.

Start with Duke it out the first round at the level of the shoulder with him now quickly.Once tissue of shoulder bare, make a small hem under a centimeter to the inside and fix with pins if necessary.

With the machine, make a right along the hem seam paying attention to take the two pieces of tissue bunk.

Start and finish the seam of the sleeve by making a round trip with the machine for good fix everything. You have to repeat the same steps for the other shoulder.