How to Combine Your Leggings: the Perfect Look!

Learn how to combine leggings to be always perfect

The leggings are a very comfortable and versatile garment that offers thousands of possibilities to combine our clothes both in summer and in winter. In addition, in the market you will find a wide variety of textures, fabrics, colors and prints that will make this something essential garment in our closet.

Blazers, oversize sweaters, skirts, cardigans and dresses are just some of the many options we have to combine the leggings. And if the boots are your thing, you’re in luck, because some leggings can be combined perfectly with all kinds of how sports shoes, slippers, boots and many others.

Informal styles

They are perfect for a casual style the smooth leggings . You can combine them with oversize sweaters and boots or with a long t-shirt and a jacket open. Another type of shoe that combines very well to this type of style are biker boots or the sneakers. If pictures t-shirts are your thing, you just have to combine it with a t-shirt and a few boots, and you will be perfect.

In the case of the printed leggings, wool sweaters and boots are a combination that never fails, if the color of the jersey is one of the colors of the pattern.

To dress

Although the leggings are not a garment, if we combine them well there are some types of leggings that can be adapted to go to the office or for more specific moments in those who want to go more fixed. You can combine the leggings with a dress shirt or a blouse. Also if you add to this a blazer on top, the set will be very elegant. As for footwear, in this case it is best to combine it with one ankle boots with high heels.

On the other hand, to go out at night choose leggings with a different and more eye-catching fabric. In addition, in these cases the heels are essential to your look, and if this add you transparency and jewellery Assembly will be much more complete.

For sports

If you’re that they likes to do sports, the leggings are the best fabric you can find according to comfortable, breathable, and above all, elegant. Combine them to go to the gym is easy, just need a wide shirt to do sport or a top. If instead, you prefer to exercise in the open air, you can wear them with a hooded sweatshirt. And of course, the shoes! Although the variety of colors and designs is enormous, with some black leggins most will fit into your sporty look.

As you can see, the possibilities are immense. What are you waiting for start to combine and create your new looks?