How to Combine Leggings

Leggings are currently all the rage. Unlike the eighties but they are no longer solo, but worn under dresses or skirts. This makes them a fashion accessory, the dubbed many a small cushion for slightly more women.

Thus they make with leggings a good figure, there are a few tips to consider:

Leggings there in two lengths: three quarters until the knee or for the entire leg. Warning: Women with strong knees should rather choose the long version, otherwise the problem area is stressed unnecessarily. Even for small women lends itself more to the long form, because the three-quarter-shape makes legs look look shorter.

Choose the color of leggings wisely from Black is always a good choice and really goes with everything. Otherwise, they should adhere to the color of the skirts or dresses oriented. Some women prefer here a strong contrast, other tone-on-tone. Ultimately it is a matter of taste.

Through Leggings it is all women possible, short to wear dresses or skirts that you might otherwise not buy more because of age or character reasons. Longer than to the knee should dresses or skirts, but in combination with leggings are not enough.

Very important are matching shoes. In Leggings in three-quarter length fits a shoe with a higher sales; the long variant looks chic with ballet flats or flat sandals. It all depends on the occasion.

No matter what they choose, with leggings under a skirt or dress, they can in the summer of 2016 go wrong. And when the day eventually get colder again, may be extended up into the winter with leggings the gestation period of skirt and dress.