How to Combine Leggings: 5 Looks Perfect!

The leggings or tights are an item of clothing that since he left the street has become essential. We talked about the leather leggings last season but today we are going to see different looks with leggings to demonstrate that they are a super useful and versatile garment.

How to combine Leggings Black or dark

The black leggings are the most typical and that most are in all seasons. It is logical why combine all the clothes closet and all accessories. Therefore, let’s see some combinations of black leggings:

Black leggings with oversized sweater

When you’re wearing some leggins more typically take them with long clothes to make you feel more comfortable. A good choice for these cold days is combined with an oversized jersey well warm and high boots or ankle boots. This look will allow you to go to work comfortable and warm.

Black leggings with white t-shirt

A look that never go out of style is the white t-shirt with black leggings. A simple look but you always randomly. You can focus on it to give it a touch more grunge combining a look of total leather: leggings, boots, bag and jacket. If everything is black you’re breaking! But you can combine it with Brown to achieve a more natural look. Using an animal print bag in both cases and will be perfect!

Black leggings with denim shirt

As we have already said once the looks with denim shirt are trend: is buckled at the waist, open with a t-shirt underneath, with total look jeans… and how it could be less, with some leggings combines perfectly! We have put two very different examples: the first a more sober look that complements it with the vest and the more informal second combining the black leggings with Brown boots cowboy type.

How to combine printed leggings

This past season the patterned leggings were a real boom. They played all kinds of prints: ethnic, geometric, abstract… At first glance it seems that they are more difficult to combine the printed leggings but you’ll see it actually combined with many items!

Please bear in mind to combine the printed leggings is that other garments are not stamped also. It’s simple. ECOG t-shirts smooth colors that combine with the leggings and is already! In addition, as you can see, you can take them in very different looks: look more formal, combining black and white, more hippie looks or looks with the leggings with prints of winter.

How to combine clear leggings

Have left them the last are the most dangerous and difficult to combine . The clear leggings are a bet risky and you have to be careful with what the combine. Check that they are not transparent and tries to always wear a long garment to make you feel more comfortable. That Yes, they are perfect for a look of snow or they found lace. Precious!