How To Clean Straw Hats


Lately they are becoming fashionable again the straw hats , especially during the summer months . There are many reasons, either because they are very light and sober, or because it is making a comeback as essential accessory to not go unnoticed, or even, finally, because they reveal suitable for any kind of occasion : from ceremonies to simple walking by the sea the mountain . They are both male and female, especially female ones have a colored ribbon around the dome. If you already have a few straw hats put away for a while ‘time it is now to take them off again. If you are a little ‘dirt, dust or you do not throw them but you can put them back on track. So follow this guide that will tell you how you can recover them, with a few simple gestures .Let’s see how to clean the straw hats.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • baby oil
  • rag
  • The necessary material to make a hat is easily available on the market ela expense to perform the operation is practically negligible, what is needed for the cleaning of our hats, in fact, is nothing more than the oil for children , to be clear that all mothers endeavor to do the ass becomes red of his children. Pour a little ‘of this oil on a dry cloth, avoid using a cotton wool cloth otherwise the further sporcherete with cotton filaments.
  • The cloth should be soaked, not in an exaggerated way, it should not drain well, but enough to make it completely wet. Then begin to rub the hat with the past very delicate, not to deform it, but at the same time decided so as to remove even the most stubborn dirt. Perform this operation in a homogeneous way on the whole surface of the cap, starting from the inside so that the part in contact with your hair is cleaner and is not contaminated by a cloth that is soiled during the cleaning, passing then to rub always in the same way the outer part of your hat. Another tip is to make the past in a circular direction, proceeding with the cloth from a center and then proceed to the outside.