How To Choose Your Backpack

Choosing a backpack requires attention.The ideal backpack is the one that best suits your physical structure and the activity to be developed.Knowing how to adjust it and how to set it according to our activity will increase the harmony with the equipment and allow you to enjoy better the benefits of this.The variety of models, colors, sizes and prices can be confusing.


The backpacks are chosen depending on the weight, the price, the size and the section to be traveled.It is not the same to have thought of camping or hiking.


The backpacks are measured according to the volume of cargo they can carry, so it is asked about their capacity in “liters”. As we do not know if you are going to put feathers or stones we can not consider how many kilos will weigh.
Small backpacks (or backpacks) generally have a capacity ranging from 20 to 40 liters.The average capacity ranges from 45 to 60 liters and the large capacity can contain from 60 to 90 liters.A bigger backpack is not necessarily better.Maybe you can not go too far with an immense backpack on your back.


When you buy your backpack you should be aware that it must be an aluminum structure in the back as this prevents it is completely glued to your body. When choosing your backpack pay close attention on how it fits your torso and hip. Ergonomics is essential. Try it and imagine it with weight. In women, it should be verified that the curvature of the belts does not affect the position of the bust and is compatible with the hips.
In addition to the internal structure it is also important to attach to the front stabilizing straps that fit your chest so that the weight stays centered.
It is essential to ensure that the backpack has straps on the outside that allow to compress the backpack as much as possible. The tighter you take things inside, the more space you will have as well as greater content stability.
Things get as compressed as possible trying to make small and solid packages.
Finally it is helpful that the material of which it is manufactured is resistant.Look at the seams, the finishes, the joints and the resistance.If you bring a waterproof rain cover much better.


When choosing a backpack model for aesthetics there are also models that are seen more practical and others that not so much.

Pockets – There are models of backpacks that are full of pockets and others that almost have not.Keep in mind that each pocket that has the backpack will take up space in the main compartment, since the litter of the backpack includes all the nooks and crannies.So for that reason from my point of view is convenient a backpack with no more than 3 pockets, and that down on the sides have net pockets, which are practiced those.

Compression tapes – Also something very useful are the compression tapes, since after having loaded the backpack with these tapes what we do is to tighten everything that is inside so that it is as close to our back as possible and that in turn Do not move things.

Bottom compartment – these communicate with the main compartment but also by closure system or cord can be isolated from each other.The backpack MUST have the lower compartment since it is designed so that in that compartment we keep the sleeping bag and in turn we can take out the things that are in the bottom of the backpack without taking everything from above.The bigger this compartment is, the better the sleeping bags that are for cold that are quite bulky would not fit.

Use your good judgment to buy what you need and satisfy your needs.Balance what you need and what you can afford.And choose something that will last you a couple of good years traveling, do not think it will be for a lifetime.Your backpack will be badly treated in the rain, the humidity, and will have to endure many blows and scratches.