How To Choose Leather Jackets To Suit Your Style?

Who has not heard of the famous bombers?This season have made skin jackets stronger than ever. But, would you really know which one favors you the most? Today indemodaybelleza we talk about the differencesthat exist between some leather jackets and others, and we will find out which one favorsyou according to your style.

Do you know how many types of fur jacketsthere are? Could you distinguish them? Let’s start!

Origin Of Leather Jackets

The leather jackets, are characterized by being a garment all leather and appear for the first time for military use . Have you seen the movie Pearl Harbor? Surely, yes, as you may have noticed, the leather jackets on it are very present, used by pilots.

That was the origin of the leather jacket, but as you know, at the end of the war, the military material that was left over, was reused ineveryday life. Being leather jackets of quality, and excellent protection from the cold , its use was becoming more frequent.

Types Of Leather Jackets

 #1 Perfect Jacket

What is the perfect jacket?

The perfect jacket is a leather jacket, with a bikinistyle and zippers .The name sebe to its creator, Irving Schott. It was the first manufacturer to incorporate a zipper to a leather garment and decided to call it perfect hunter, like its favorite pure Cuban.

How to combine the perfect jacket?

This type of leather jackets has a great association with the world of motorcycles androck culture , so if you are looking for a leather jacket for a casual look , this is yours.

#2 Bomber Leather Jackets

The  bomber, also known as  sucks, is a coat jacket that may well resemble the perfect jacket. It is similar, they simply differ in the type of fabric used to make them.

This type of leather jackets are very common of the most rocky and current looks this season like recommended. Do not you have your bomber yet? If it is not, you are taking longer considering that trend will be  during the whole season and the next. TheBomber is back to stay for a while.

#3 Barbour Leather Jackets

Although  Barbour  is a clothing branddedicated in principle to the world ofmotorcycles, it has been popularly known a type of concrete jacket.

The barbour leather jackets they wore on theraces, quickly became a sales hit among the malepopulation. And even today the barbour jacketis present in many men’s closets. Do you have yours too?

This type of jacket is a bit softer than the previous one, so you can combine it with practically everything in your closet without problem.

#4 Pilot Jackets

Very similar to the  Bomber , these come from the mythical regulatory model of the US Army.These models were only used by US Navy fighter pilots. These pilot leather jackets, to this day are the favorites of many textile manufacturers, and are still in their catalogs.

Do you know that this type of leather jacket is the most versatile ? You can use it both in yourcasual looks and for a slightly more formaloccasion , which will certainly give a fun anddifferent touch to your style. Dare with thepilot jackets and be different!

The leather jackets are an option very stylish towear with a casual or more sophisticated touch, depending on the occasion. And you? What is your favorite fur jacket? Tell us in a comment!

We are left with the pilot  leather jacket, brownto soften the facial features, and give us a morerelaxed look in our features.