How to Choose a School Backpack

How To Choose a Binder or a School Backpack For Her Child?

Colorful, sturdy, with or without wheels… We offer a few tips when choosing the binder of your child.

There are so many models of binders and all prices, it is not easy to choose the right Binder for her children. If you are not sure, here’s the key criteria you need to consider: weight, ergonomics (adjustable bridge, reinforcement of foam on the back), robustness (reinforcement below the binder, strength of the fabric and the spaces of separation) and finally the look that will please your child.

  1. The Weight Of The Schoolbag

Make sure that the empty weight of the binder does not exceed 1.5 kg and is suited to the size of your child, so no wider than him. The weight and dimensions are indicated in the section ‘Technical description of the product’ in the data sheets of the Our site site. For example, the model Binder Chameleon, the width is 34 cm and the weight is 1,110 kg.

It’s undeniable, bags or heavy backpacks are bad for the back of the children.Proposals for relief of the bags are many: divide the manuals in several volumes, make them lighter, have duplicates at school… Meanwhile its better applications is to encourage your child to organize, in order not to carry everything and anything.

The weight of the schoolbag should not exceed 10% of the child according to the recommendations of the doctors. Therefore, it is best to choose a light Binder, as surveys on this topic regularly show that in reality, children are more often double, with a binder that weighs more in the 8 pounds.

2 Binder and Backpack: with or without wheels?

The binders has wheels are heavier than others (wheels and stem force). They have the great advantage to release the child to the weight on the back. So for the distances between the home and the school, the child can roll the weight of its business rather than carry it on the back. Then at school these backpacks on wheels or backpacks with wheels are transportable on the back for the eventual rise of staircase. It is mainly from the CM1 or CM2 the children become more responsible and so the wheels are much appreciated. As for some children this is the age or they begin to go home, alone and so there is no adult to help carry the weight of academic affairs. The binder must be chosen by your child and you knowingly, choose the most convenient for him and let him choose the color or the character!

A binder with reinforced straps and back
In primary school, a child on two door his satchel with a single strap, it’s why the seams must be strong to not break during the year. The straps should be wide to not hurt the shoulder level and adjustable to fit at the height of the child. The back of the binder should be padded foam and adapt to its morphology.

  1. Backpack or school bag?

Until 6th, it is preferable that your child keeps a traditional Binder, insofar as it accepts the idea, of course. Once back in college, you are anyway difficult to make him wear something other than a backpack, since everyone has a!

According to College fashion is instead the bag Eastpak, traditional bag Eastpak black bags Eastpak with different patterns constantly renewed according to fashion, or rather the Dakine bag, which him is very popular with a public of “extreme sport” near the beaches or the mountains. The Eastpak bag is guaranteed for 30 years by Eastpak. The Dakine bag differs by its features such as the location of an insulated pocket or a pocket for sunglasses on some of the Dakine models.

In high school it is possible that teens prefer the satchel slung the backpack. And this, even if it is not good for the back to carry his bag on one shoulder or cross-body.

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