How To Choose A Leather Jacket

Leather jacket is a garment that never happen in fashion. For this reason, it is essential that you have one in your closet. In the following article we bring you some tips to give you yours.

What color, short or long, with what the combine… are questions that we usually do when thinking about buying us a leather jacket. Then we clarify you all these doubts. Takes note.

How To Wear A Leather Jacket

The first thing you should know is that the leather jacket is a super versatile garment, which can be used in any season and with all styles. The leather jacket is fine if you have a wave of hippie, elegant, chic, alternative, Bohemian, sophisticated, sporty, etc. This garment is able to adapt to all styles.

But to leave it safe, it is best that you leaning by the classic: a sober jacket, without too many decorations, lines straight and short, or as a stop to the hips. The colors that they will always be and that they allow you to combine them with everything, coffee and black, which are the leather jackets that you must have in your wardrobe basics.

However, also you can try a jacket more original and daring, in red, white, green bottle or candy, for example, that also they look divine.

But according to your figure, not all leather jackets will be you well. That is why, aware of these tips.

If you have some extra kilos. In this case choose a straight cut jacket and be rather narrow, a wide leather jacket will make you look even bigger. He prefers the dark, such as brown or black tones.

If stature. In your case the jacket must be short, so that your trunk seems longer. If you’re also slim, opt for a tight jacket. On the other hand, if you are plump, you prefer that are fitted at the waist.

If you’re high. Here you can allow yourself to take a slightly longer jacket, but remember, never more under your hips. A style that can stay very well is the classic biker leather jacket.

How To Combine It

Believe it or not, it is very easy to combine a leather jacket, everything depends on the occasion. With a jeans and a t-shirt, you have a dyed casual and a little sport, perfect for every day. If you want to look special, for example for an appointment or a few drinks with your friends, your leather jacket combined with a romantic style dress until the knees are the perfect combination.

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