How To Choose a Jacket For Plus Size Women

Coral Red Jacket In Cotton
Short jacket with chic details.

The jacket is shape made, have short collar and long sleeves.
There are metal zippers-also by the pockets.

The zipper is hidden under an extra piece of fabric, which closes with a single metal button at the top. And the zipper can be fully opened up in the throat.

The fabric falls easily by the throat and gives a nice effect.

How To Choose a Jacket For Plus Size Women

A great jacket that arouses a sensation-and which gives a fresh color puffs for the wardrobe.

Dark Blue Suit Jacket
Short blue suit jacket with long sleeves, wide collar and flipper.

The shape is tailored at the waist and closes with 2 large blue buttons.

The fronts under buttons rounds elegant, which especially visible when the jacket is buttoned.

The jacket is constructed of a heavy duty viscose. The collar and lapel is in the bilayer and amplified so they hold their shape. The sleeves and backpiece is like a heavy t-shirt.