How To Choose A Hat

Not so long ago, hats were a must-have for any wardrobe, but nowadays they often go unnoticed.And it’s really bad, actually – a hat can beautify the face, wear a clothing, and virtually define (or redefine) an individual style. If you’ve been contemplating take the plunge and bring back that old need, you have many options. The key is to find a hat that works with your body and taste (and thus your budget).


Part 1 of 3: Deciding the Style to Choose


Consider your hat needs. Do you want a hat to wear everyday? For a special event? Are you buying hat for fashion needs? For heat or sun protection? What seasons do you expect to wear the hat on? Knowing this in advance may restrict your options from the outset.


Familiarize yourself with the wide range of hat styles. There are all kinds of hats from the world, from casual to Kentucky Derby. Look through fashion magazines, catalogs, or online to get some ideas.

  • Match with your hat style for your physique.The first rule of buying hat is that it should be proportional to your body. Your hat should balance its dimensions rather than exaggerating them.
  • Tall crowns and upward-facing flaps are stretching, while wide flaps and down turned make you look shorter.
  • The edge of a hat should not be wider than the width of the shoulders.
  • The bigger your building, the more hat you can get away with.
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Match it with your hat to your face. See Part 2 for how to determine your face shape.

  • Referring to Fig.

Choose a color that you know is flattering. If you are not sure about this, notice the color (s) you are wearing when you receive a compliment or simply feel your best when you look in the mirror. Chances are, this is your color!

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Think about your personality and your equipment. Your new hat will be one of the most important elements of your wardrobe, so it should complement your personal style.

  • Boho: berets, wide flaps floppy disks, fedoras all the brim
  • Preppy: structured broad-brimmed hats such as picture hats, bretons and boaters- structured berets, cloches, fedoras
  • Boys and tomboys: cap journeymen, fedoras, players, boatmen, ball caps, caps
  • Vintage elegance: delicate pillbox styles, fascinators, structured wide tabs, cloches all brim
  • Grunge: baseball caps, players, soft berets or caps, structured rolled wide flaps
  • If you are buying the hat to go with a specific outfit (for a wedding, party, etc.), you would do better not to match the hat mechanically to the costume.Find one that complements the look instead of copying it.
  • Consider your hairstyle.Many hats look better when long hair is pulled back and tucked into the ears. However, if you want to use loose hair, this is another factor when making your decision.
  • Loose and flowing hair: berets, fedoras, on the floppy disk, players
  • Short styles (elves, bobs, etc.): cloches, picture hats, bretons, rolled flaps, wide tabs, floppy disks, some pillbox styles
  • At shoulder height: cloches, wide flaps of any kind, fedoras, pillbox styles (best with curls), boatmen, players
  • Bangs: flaps flipped, or wider down that turned beloved ones, like a wide brim cloche
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Establish a budget. Hats can be expensive but you can often find some great deals at vintage stores or savings.

  • If you do not have enough money for your perfect hat to earn money!

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Look around and gather some ideas. Look for stores in your local area and search online to get a sense of pricing and availability.