How to Choose a Breastfeeding Bra


In this guide we will deal with how to choose one of the accessories that help a lot during breastfeeding their child. In fact, among the many accessories that turn out to be very useful, the bra for breastfeeding is certainly in the front row. We will see here how to use this piece of clothing and will know his capabilities . Of course you can find this garment suitable for all clothing stores Maternity, so for pregnant or have just given birth.

In fairness, you must specify that the use of the bra is not always strictly necessary.Breast fact, does not always need the bra presence to maintain tone and elasticity during normal business day.

In fact, some studies on women tribal communities which are accustomed to not use anything to hold the breast, have shown that the flaccidity and lack of elasticity of the breast in most cases are due to malnutrition, to too affaticamente and excessive exposure to the sun of the tissues, and not to the lack use bra during breastfeeding.

It is certain that, in case of particularly heavy breasts and shapely or sports activities, the bra is not necessary to create trauma to the tissues and glands.

Even during the phase of lactation, the specific bra is not strictly necessary although recommended because the breast will increase in volume and, in some cases, could grow to two or three sizes.

First, the nursing bra must have the openable cups or the ability to be unshackled from the front so that the mother can easily breastfeed the baby.

The bra for breastfeeding serves, however, also to address the breast milk spills: it is recommended to use bras for breastfeeding with deep cups so you can put inside the womb so convenient and also to position the cups absorbing milk. An important tip is to avoid push-up bras. See also women’s sports bras on janesportsbras.

Obviously, if you wanted to use a traditional brassiere for breastfeeding, you could also opt for the use of a normal bra slightly larger cups (to position the breast comfortably and without unduly compressing it with the risk to spill milk. But necessarily without underwire, due to discomfort and not at all suitable for these periods.