How To Choose A Bra

Did you know that 7 out of 10 women choose the wrong bra size ? Such a fact not only causes problems and troubles as well as affects our physical appearance.

So if you strive so hard to choose the outfit you will wear externally, why not do the same with the underwear? If you are a person who never knows how to choose a bra, on a website like us, we offer a practical guide for you to succeed.

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What Do The Numbers 80, 85, 90 Mean?

These numbers that correspond to the sizes of the bras, correspond to the centimeters ofyour back. To get it, take a tape measure, place it just under your chest, take the measurement and find out once and for all what your number is.

Cup A, B, C…?

The letter of the crown corresponds to the size of the breast as such. To get your measurement place the tape measure around your breasts, right in the center of the nipple, and note the centimeters obtained.

Determine The Size

Take two imaginary measures, your breasts measure 80 centimeters and the contour of your back 70, if you subtract 80 minus 70, the result is 10, which means that your number is 80A, why? Because of this simple conversion: if there is 10 cm of difference, the cup is A, if there is 15 cm, the cup is B, if there is 17.5 cm, the cup is C, if there is 20 cm, the cup is D, And if there is 22.5 cm, the cup is E.

It’s Not An Exact Science.

Now it’s easier to understand everything. However, it is not an exact science for two reasons: the first is that you can have an intermediate size, as the numbers of the bras increase by 5 centimeters. In this case, it is better to choose the larger one. Next, remember that there are brands that make smaller or different cups, identify which brand is best for you, and use it.

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If you still feel lost while buying bras, get the help of an experienced salesperson.

Remember that a good bra is important to avoid discomfort and damage to your breasts.