How To Choose A Bikini

The summer is just around the corner. After a while preparing our body it is time to choose the swimsuit most suitable to be able to wear it on beaches and swimming pools.

If you still do not know how to make that selection, or what is the bikini that best fits your body, do not worry anymore, in this article we give you the solution. We explain how to choose a bikini, taking into account the shape of your body, so you look sensational this summer.


1 Look at your body. Your figure will determine the bikini that best fit you. You must keep in mind the parts that you want both highlight and hide.

Athletic or straight body. If you are very thin and you do not have much chest and your curves are defined, join the bikinis that highlight your athletic figure. You can also choose to highlight bust and hip.

Apple type figure. If your fat accumulates in the chest and belly, but you have thin legs and small hips, your ideal bikini should wear a pant that highlights your hips and a top that reduces your bust.

Pear body. You will have it if your weight is concentrated in hips and buttocks. If so, select a panty that reduces your hips and a top that highlights your bust.

Figure type hourglass. In this case, your chest and your hips will be wide and your waist is narrow.

2 Choose top. Before you stay with any part of the above, you must take into account color, fabric and the cut that favors you. Keep the following tips in mind:

If you have asmall chest and want to look bigger, avoid buying a dark top. It is best to opt for clear and bright and strapless or In addition those who carry flyers will give you more volume.You can also buy it with push-up or stuffing.

If you want yourchest to look smaller, opt for black or dark colors. It is important that you choose a top that holds you well, so it is best to wear rings and avoid bandeau types , as well as stripes.

Toemphasize your bust the ideal are the classic or triangle bikinis . You can also choose a strapless top or halter (collared).

3 Choose panties. Make your glutes look great, highlight your legs and hide what you do not want to show. Join these tips:

Make your butt bigger. The ideal for this are light- colored pantieswith some ruffles.

Otherwise, if you want your ass to look smaller opts for black or dark tones.Ideally, the panties should be high and avoid flying.

Enhance your buttwith a pair of string panties. You can also buy a bikini with many details.

To make yourlegs look longer, the best is a high panties that reach your hip. Otherwise, choose culottes.

4 Make a good combination between panties and top. If you have purchased the pieces separately, you should consider some considerations when putting them together.

Monochromatic or color combination. Or you can use two shades of the same color or combine some bright color or opt for the opposite colors. There are multiple options!

It does not matter that you useuneven carvings. Think you can have a bust size that does not match the bottom. Choose the size that best suits each part of your body.

Put alighter shade in the part you want to highlight, either bust or hip.

5 Select the bikini that is right for you. Whether as an age or figure you should avoid disaster. For example, if you have a C cup or higher avoid small tops or ropes, so your chest will not come out the sides.The best option in this case is a halter type.

6 Feel great and confident to show off your bikini. Choose a good posture and a positive attitude and you will look great in your bathing suit.

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The panties with strings allow you to adjust the bikini to your hips.In addition, with them, you can increase or decrease the size of your panty.

Watch out for strapless tops, especially on the beach.The waves or the strong current can cause the bikini to fall.