How To Care Your Boots On Rainy Days?

While rainy days can be very beautiful and romantic, for your shoes, these days can be an Odyssey, which if not wearing the correct care, can spoil them.

Today we have prepared for you a few tips that will help you care for your shoes, especially your boots in these days where water and other factors, such as the Earth or mud, are everywhere.

1 Clean Your Boots After You Have Used

A routine is essential, but if your boots have impregnated mud or debris that can damage the skin. Do this before you save them so that in this way remain in excellent condition for the next few days.

2 Used Guards From Dust, Water And Dirt

At this point, this type of protectors must already be part of your cleaning kit.We recommend applying a layer every day to protect the skin of your footwear of any factors that may damage its original appearance.

3 Leave Your Boots To Dry Naturally

It can pass all that we pisemos a pool of water or grip us the rain in the middle of the street. If you get this to pass, never ever expose your shoes to heat. It is better put some newspaper inside so that in this way is to absorb moisture from the skin in a natural way