How To Calculate Your Correct Bra Size?

According to the daily ABC 1 in 7 women do not know how to choose the size correct bra. Do you think you carry yours? Today in demodaybelleza we discover the correct bra size for each type of bust. Shall we begin?

How Do I Know What The Correct Bra Size Is?

There is no doubt that most women fail to getcomfortable with your bra size, and that is normal considering the confusion that exists between the bra sizes. Since many of them are inEuropean size and others in Spanish size. That is why, below, I detail the keys to know how to choose the correct bra size.

How To Calculate Your Correct Bra Size?

The  bra sizes have two components, one letterand number. The number is the outline and the letter is the cup. That’s why we are going to seehow to calculate our bra size.

#1 How Do I Know The Size Of The Bra Size?

Thenumber of the size of the fastener is called thecontour. And it is achieved by measuring thecontour of the trunk, that is by measuringbelow the line of the fastener.

To know your bra size you must add 15 to your outline. This way you will know what your number of bra size according to

For example, if our contour measures 75 cm, we must add 15 more. In that case, our bra sizewould be 90. Let’s see now what our cup would be.

#2 How To Calculate The Bra Size Letter?

Theletter is the cup of the bra and is obtained by measuring above the chest andsubtracting what is actually measuring your outline. That is, following the previous case we have said that our contour was 75 cm  (to which we have added 15, to calculate the number of our bra size ). But let’s stay with the 75 cm. Now we measure the contour above the chest and we see that we have 90 cm. How to calculate the cup? Very easy!

The cup will be the 95cm that measures our contour of chest, less the contour of low chest , that is to say 90cm – 75cm. In this case they are 15.

With that information you just have to follow this rule:

Cup A (12 to 14 centimeters apart, small bust)

B (14 to 16 centimeters apart, middle bust)

C (16-18 centimeters difference, full bust)

D (18 to 20 centimeters apart, bulky bust)

Tips For Getting The Right Bra Size

Takes measures without clothes and whennot have menstruation: During those days the breast volume increases.

Remember that the shape and volume of the breast is changing with age. That is why you should check the size of the bra.

Most fasteners have three bracket positions. A fastener feels good if it closesin the middle of the fit without pressing or folding the skin.

The fastener should not make marksaround the contour .

The back regulator should not be above the low chest line.

What Can I Do If I Have Little Breast?

Today today there are millions of bras withpush up to visually increase your chest volume .In the company of lingerie Selene, they havethousands of bras with push up precious and with a very natural result. I advise you to take a look in their stores and get yourself into this Selmark bra. Essential in your closet for special days.

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The push-up fasteners enhance the bust at all times. You can find everything from light fillers to superfoods. The balconet enhances the bust so naturally. The word of honor adapts to anoptimal hold and volume of the chest. There are also reducers, sports, etc.

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Therapeutic Bras?

In recent years manufacturers of lingerie have made  an effort to improve fasteners according to the needs of every woman, trying to agree onthe fastener in a second skin, which alsocomfortable and aesthetic perform its function.

For example, for  pregnancy is advisable tocarry  light garments that fit the breast as a thin layer and for  feeding, models are designed with  special fabric  that avoid chafing.

For women with allergic or sensitive skin due to radiotherapy treatments, 100% cotton bras can be used  , and for those with mobility problems, there are  fasteners with a front closure.

There really is such a wide variety of bras, it is very important to know which is right or rightfor you at every moment and stage of your life.

9 Keys To Finding Your Correct Bra Size

  1. You should not buy bras when you areovulating or have the rule as the size may vary and this will prevent you from buying the correct bra size.
  2. If it really is your correct bra size, you should not squeeze, fold, or leave marks.The bra should be comfortable and respect the way the chest and back.
  3. Something very important and very few women meet is the subject of the tie. The back strap should not be lower than the lower chest line. That is, neither being too short nor too long. And you do not have to leave marks on your shoulders.
  4. The ring of the bra must be attached to the chest, it should not be detached orinvading the chest. Make sure it’s like this.
  5. You should be aware that your body changes with age and chest as well. Check your measurements frequently to choose the correct bra size.
  6. The thinner the strap and heavier the chest, the more it will be nailed to the skin. So if you have a large chest , it is better to use wide straps to avoid that you nailed the straps on the shoulders and hurt you.
  7. Try it all! Yes, really every store is a world and as we said before, the confusionbetween European and Spanish sizes, may prevent you from getting right with your correct bra size. So, even if you have your size clear , never buy a bra without trying it. Since home may you take onesurprise.
  8. A bra for every occasion. That is,depending on what you are looking for,you must choose one model or another. If you are looking to enhance, refill, gocomfortable, strapless, etc.