How To Buy Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy

Buying maternity clothes can be an exciting task if you know what you have to buy. Here are some tips on how to dress to make you feel comfortable and secure during pregnancy. Steps 1 Do not hurry. If you have a multiple pregnancy, you probably will not notice until the second trimester. For the first three months, most of your clothes up to be you (except tight).

When you start needing bigger clothes, the best strategy is to buy what you need when you need it. If your husband or partner is taller than you, consider asking to borrow some clothes to make a bridge between the time you leave your normal clothes and when you really need and maternity clothes. Buttons for men’s shirts can be a very comfortable option for pregnant women. Uses a “navel.” This accessory consists of a wide elastic band with buttons. It allows you to expand your pants and your skirts to accommodate a growing collision. Just be sure to cover your waist with a long sweater.

Consider having several maternity items on hand in case you have some amazing size growth during the second trimester (in a pregnancy with a baby). You need the amount of items needed to have the opportunity to go shopping.

2 Know what you have to look at. Many department stores have a section of maternity clothes. You can also buy clothes at maternity stores, which have more sizes and styles. Since pregnant women do not stay long with their pregnancy clothes, bazaars have a wide variety of pre-owned items that are still fashionable.

Remember that most sizes are based on your pre-pregnancy size, but the brands vary. When in doubt, buy in larger sizes than yours.

Cotton or Lycra fabrics are designed to stretch. Clothes made of these materials can be during the various phases of your pregnancy.

However uncomfortable it may seem, try to try everything you think to buy. If you are bitten, it is sticky or uncomfortable, put it back.

Consider layering. As your hormones change, your body temperature can go from very hot to very cold several times a day. Form your wardrobe so you can easily remove or put clothes on.

Choose different styles of clothes on Especially in pants, they come with different types of elastic panels that still look and feel different. Also, when pregnancy progresses, not only will your stomach grow, you will also grow your buttocks and hips.

Ask the store if they have a ‘stomach’ to see how you are what you are testing you. If you do not have one, use a bag with one or two items inside it – it works great.

Many women have larger feet during pregnancy. Get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes, so you can put everything you have to bend down to not buckle them.

Do not forget to wear underwear. Many women experience breast augmentation during pregnancy, so you will need a pair of bras. Buy them as you need them all, you can not predict what size they will have. Also do not be afraid to ask a professional lingerie department for personal setup (or any seamstress). Make sure you are as comfortable as possible. With regard to panties, you can buy a maternity leave or buy those accustomed to using, but the larger and wear them under your belly size.

3 Dress safely. There is no need to hide behind those dresses that looked like tents and wore their mother and grandmother. Adopts styles that enhance your gorgeous new life figure.

Highlight what you like about yourself. Buy a pretty skirt to show off your shapely legs, a sleeveless blouse to show off a shapely arms or a cute blouse with a collar that molds her beautiful neck.

Looking for pieces that combine comfort with style, such as a well-made sweater or boots without heels.

Buy some accessories such as scarves and jewelry to complement your maternity wardrobe. Choose things that you can match with your normal wardrobe after pregnancy.

4 If you are planning to breastfeed, buy suitable clothes beforehand. Recovering from childbirth and breastfeeding newborns can be stressful. The last thing you want to do is spend time and energy to go shopping. Buying some items in advance, in the second or third quarter, can save you some problems.

Buy or do nursing bras a bra that allows you to discover one breast at a time if you are planning to breastfeed. They are convenient and easy to use in public.

Breastfeeding clothing (sweaters, sweaters and dresses) should have openings that make it easier to breastfeed power, especially in public. And sleepwear should make night shots more practical.

Try to see if your current clothes you can work for breastfeeding before spending a lot of money on clothes for breastfeeding. You should be able to breastfeed discreetly with it.


If your pregnancy is multiple, you need to buy maternity clothes much sooner. Sometimes the extra section sizes can offer clothes very well, at least for a couple of months. Be careful if you buy pants in this section, so a pregnant woman’s stomach is different from an extra size woman who is not pregnant. Save money by means of maternity clothing loans for friends and family or buy almost new clothes on Craigslist and eBay. But basic color items that go with everything: black, brown, gray, khaki, white, denim and other colors you use frequently. Mix them with parts with different colors or printed. As a rule, non-essential items should coordinate at least two other items in your wardrobe. You will need at least one stylish suit or dress, a maternity bath and exercise clothes. You can wear a rubber band to hold the top of your pants open as your belly grows. (This is the primitive version of that “navel”.) Take someone shopping with you to tell you how you look.


A woman who has given birth and is not yet free of maternity clothes. It usually takes several months to lose weight again. Realize that your maternity clothes will also serve nine months or more after birth.

If any piece of clothing is not comfortable, do not buy it.


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