How Nursing Bras Work & Look

Nursing bras look and feel much like regular bras. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. The breast cups have a front panel that can be opened to allow the baby to nurse. Some styles have an extra wide body band and extra support straps which can be very useful if cup size becomes much larger during gestation and nursing.

Dimensioning a Nursing Bra

When buying a nursing bra before the birth of your baby, buy one that

has the same extent of support as your pregnancy size, but get a cup that is one or two larger in size. A Consumer Report “Nursing Bra Buying Guide,” recommends buying just one or two nursing bras before giving birth. The report says that it is easier to find the right size once you really need them to wear. Alternatively, you can buy one or two sizes just to make sure you have one that fits.

Things to look for

The nursing bra should be made of a strong, absorbent material such as cotton or a cotton blend. Look for models with adjustable chest straps and straps. Wide handles are generally more comfortable than narrow ones. Check the glass-flap closure to make sure you can open and close it with one hand. In addition to allowing fluctuations in breast size, buy a bra that will be large enough to accommodate absorbent pads for between-meal breakouts.

Nursing Registries

Nursing Tops are cute sweater style tops that come in a variety of styles. Some of them have the bra built in to the top, with the same convenient cup flap that is part of a breastfeeding bra. Some have a front flap that attaches to the braces of their regular breastfeeding bra.Or it can be an attractive, comfortable alternative to a breastfeeding bra.They can be worn as a T-shirt or as a summer sweater and can keep the rest of you covered while you reveal only the part the baby needs.

Breast pumps pumping

Working women who wish to continue breastfeeding their babies after maternity leave is most may want to invest in a pumping bra. These are designed similarly to a regular breastfeeding bra except that they are designed to hold a breast cup in place so that you can use your hands for lunch or complete a vital task while the pumping machine does your job. Although not designed for public use, they can help you make the most of your break time.

During the Bra

Regardless of the style of bra you select, you also need to think about the clothing you wear on it. Shirtwaist style dresses that open on the front are easier to control than those with back or side closures. A sweater or shirt that buttons on the front, or even a loose knit shirt that can be pulled up, can work. Some nursing designer tops have a panel that looks attractive but curtains can be opened quickly and modestly when the baby is hungry.