Handbags And Accessories Leather Maculinos Thrux Lawrence

It’s amazing how many small u.s. brands of accessories made of leather, many of them played by young people in simple workshops and with very few employees. The Thrux Lawrence is one of those cases: your Creator, the Californian Tanden Launder, only 23 years, lived Sweden, Africaand New Zealand, but chose the small American town of Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) to host your factory handmade purses, backpacks and male accessories made in leather.

Tanden, as a teenager, worked with sale of antiques, after it decided to manufacture its own products, starting with the Palladin Pants – a model of pants with front pockets closed by buttons that had used in his travels around the world due to your convenience – for right after starting the manufacture of its beautiful bags, the product that draws the most attention when someone enters in the shop of Thrux Lawrence in Coeur d’Alene .

The store, in fact, is a show piece, seems to have 100 years of age with your strong smell of leather, your decor full of details and antiques, as well as some elements related to the male universe as the bike in the window or the pool table in the corner, bringing still curiosities as the light fixtures made from carcasses of bombs of world war.

The products of Thrux Lawrence doesn’t have the sophistication found on European brands, but, on the other hand, like just for your simplicity, something that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for practicality in everyday life, moreover, clean design your mask not the durability of leather in many cases combined with the resistance of the canvas.

If you liked any branded product, you can purchase it in the online store of Thrux Lawrence, because Brazil has been recorded among localities for delivery, but be advised that prices are pretty salty and can still suffer taxation when they arrive here.