Halloween Fashion Style

What are the most glamorous accessories to complete the look of Halloween? The festival is coming and we fashion lovers know well how the right accessories can make the difference between a simple costume and without substance, and a look taken care of by true fashion victim who does not pass completely unnoticed. Canines vampire worn with the right makeup, necklaces and pendants magical witches, bijoux chic and bold at the same time, here are some of the models you can not do without if you want a Halloween costume fashion and complete.

Halloween Fashion Style

Accessories always have a central role in the look of a woman, for this brands like Ops or accessorize offer us a season after another particularly vintage and rich holiday supplies and varied, inspired by different ideas of femininity to please everyone’s taste.

In view of the most eerie and intriguing party of the year, a bit ‘all we wonder how to embellish the most of our costumes, and the gown there that in any case is very important, without the right accessories in danger of being sloppy. So here’s a roundup of articles from the latest fashion collections, delicious and seductive models that you will find both low cost and in those designer.

In the pictures of our photo gallery you will find a whole range of jewelery offered by its brands specializing in this area. Six has created a dedicated to Halloween line includes earrings with moon, stars and fairies to complete costumes good witches, but especially earrings with small spiders , cameos with profiles of zombies, bracelets from real witch, hand models with skeletal or rings with small metal skeleton pendant.

Six then complete its proposal for this party with scarves in the press skulls and circles with little bat applied to hair.

In the same vein is thought the Halloween line of Bijou Brigitte includes rings with jewel spider, bracelets with pendants in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts and witches, headbands hair with bats and furry inserts and many necklaces with skeletons, cobwebs and spiders hanging disturbing.

The other brands have thought of such proposals, to accessorize the clothing brands such as Zara , Mango, Bershka and Stradivarius who always complement their lines of clothing with glamorous accessories. Needless to say that in the field of high fashion houses, the theme of the skulls remains the preserve of Alexander McQueen!

Take a look at our photo gallery, you will find certainly the perfect accessory to make your look frighteningly fashion for Halloween!