Greek Jewelry: Feel Like A Goddess

The look of the Greek woman has always delighted the hearts of all, because she was an elegant, majestic and charming woman. This heavenly creation does not go unnoticed in the daily flow.

Perhaps that’s why modern women began to show a growing interest in Greek-style adornments, because a simple outfit can become an elegant set with the help of jewelry to the best divine Olympus style.

This style took shape in ancient Greece and was a strong ideal for a harmoniously developed person.

The Greek look stood out for its beige, gold and white colors. These ornaments did not have the heavy symbolism of the Egyptian or Byzantine energy, on the contrary, they were calm and elegant.

To create Greek jewelry you must use precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and even ordinary glass. Of course, Swarovski crystals should not be included in this style.

Metals can be made of silver or gold, and the decorations must be primarily geometric. For example, the most popular is the Greek meander (a kind of labyrinth).For more information on geometry, you can read one of my posts: “Geometric Style: Simple and Complicated”

Hair Ornaments:

In ancient Greece there was a cult of beautiful hair and, of course, women always tried to show all the splendor of their hair. For that, luxurious adornments were used, such as tiaras and ribbons of different materials. Modern fashion offers hundreds of hairstyles with these accessories, so that every woman can choose a suitable decoration that is able to show its soft and loving essence. Greek hair should havebraids around the head and be fixed with ribbons, combs and hairpins.

It is impossible not to mention the diadem. This ornament was worn on the forehead or head, both men and women. He served as a symbol of the gods. Now this adoro is popular with young people.

Bracelets And Necklaces:

Jewelry of this type is made from precious metals. Greek women knew that hands are one of the most attractive parts of the body, so they were not afraid to overdo it when wearing a bunch of bracelets at a time. In addition, the bracelet was believed to carry strong nonverbal cues. The heavier it was, it meant it was not available to men, catching the attention of many representatives of the stronger sex.

Necklaces in Greek style should be very long and extravagant. A pearl necklace is an excellent choice for your Greek look.

Majestic Rings:

The attitude towards the rings in ancient Greece was very serious, because this accessory had a deep symbolic power.

– Littlefinger: meant that its owner was free of commitments and did not intend tobe with someone
– Cancel: his heart already had owner
– Middle finger: its owner had to be an experienced tempter
– Index: was looking for love
– Thumb: meant She was an intelligent person who was already married

With the help of the rings, the Greeks gave basic information about themselves.Greek women wore rings to attract attention and gave them confidence, status, and elegance . If their look looked very simple, they used rings to transform it.


As for the earrings, the Greek woman wore very large and heavy earrings. They usually made them with precious stones and metals in the form of hoops or drops.Of course, the large earrings looked much better with high hairstyles accentuating the neck.

The Greek style of ancient times brings elegance, simplicity, grace and dignity. The feminine jewelry in this style is suitable for almost all representatives of soft sex, giving them the appeal of the ancient goddesses.