Grace Kelly – Jewels of a Style Icon

Jewels and Hollywood – these are two things that belong together inseparably. Proof of this is Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie over the roofs of Nice built in 1955, in which shown in close-up, dazzling jewels exert a large stimulus.

Main actress Grace Kelly, the future Princess of Monaco. She plays the daughter of a millionaire who has a wealth of precious jewellery. In the center of the plot are the sensational jewel robberies, that alias, John Robie, be placed under the former thief of Cary Grant. Still his nickname from the pre-war period, the cat, is liable to him. In a hard-fought battle, he tries to bring his innocence to light by he locates the real robber. Ultimately that succeeds also and he can reclaim his Frances Stevens (Grace Kelly), who had become suspicious of the time, the heart.
It’s all about in this movie so jewels, which here is not the only time in the center of attention Alfred Hitchcock. A similar catch a thief (1955) them E.g. in importance to, in which the actress is once again protagonist.
Private Grace Kelly wore like jewels and her name has become long in the history of the style as a synonym for natural elegance and glamorous appeal. It is also used for their jewelry pieces to wear, of which the following some magnificent specimens will be presented.

Grace Kelly and her engagement ring in a classic timeless design

The marriage of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco took place on April 19, 1956. Earlier this year, Grace Kelly got an Eternity Ringwith diamonds and rubies occupied by him. While this piece of jewelry remained relatively unknown, came the actual engagement ring by Grace Kelly, her Prince Rainier gave a little later to great popularity.
It seems initially surprising why the Prince of Monaco decided for an another ring. During his visit to Los Angeles he should be come rumored convinced that just a piece of jewellery in the style of the Hollywood actor with a big diamond for his Grace Kelly was reasonable.
No matter what is it with this justification on is, there is agreement that the new engagement ring Platinum spread an aura of beautiful, glamorous and yet sober, perfectly harmonizes with its wearer of Grace Kelly. It is crowned by a 10,47-karätigen Emerald cut diamonds flanked by two baguette-cut diamonds.
It is not surprising that much of the jewel was and she kept insisting, to wear it in the film version of high society from 1956.
The Tracy Samantha Lord, which, is like Grace Kelly even – shortly before the wedding you here embodied the role. The ring with a stunning diamond shows there in close-up on the hand of the actress while she considered him lying on a luxurious sofa.
It is surely no coincidence that not the usual brilliant cut is used for the ring, but the Emerald cut. This less highlighting the colorful, fiery sparkle, as rather the high transparency of the gemstone – what could be better to Grace Kelly’s restrained elegance fit?

Grace Kelly’s engagement set – exquisite pearls and sparkling diamonds

The quiet shimmer of precious pearls and the glitter of diamonds – this combination characterises the necklace that was given on the occasion of her engagement to Grace Kelly.
The compilation consists of a three-row Pearl Necklace and a three-row pearl bracelet, which are subdivided by diamond jewelry items. The whole is complemented by matching pearl earrings and a Pearl and diamond ring with floral ornamentation like showing on

The tiaras of Grace Kelly – a dream of Platinum and diamonds

When one speaks about the jewels of Grace Kelly, of course the tiaras worn by you may don’t miss out. In particular two of them deserve special attention. So the Platinum tiara with diamonds, which she wore in the year of their wedding. It’s is a very unusual piece of jewelry, because it is composed of three brooches with flower motifs, their lives gladly individually wore the Grace Kelly. At each of them made the middle of the flower of a Ruby cabochon-cut while the petals are made of brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds.
On the occasion of the wedding of their daughter Caroline with Philippe Jugnot in 1978 Grace Kelly wore an another DIAdem of Platinum which a filigree, fiery sparkling pattern is made of variously shaped diamonds in sandblasted. Standalone gems form the upper end drop cut.
Tiaras that spray lots of glamour, but still not overloaded work, are a hallmark of Grace Kelly and on some postage stamps, she is crowned to see such a piece of jewelry.

Grace Kelly and her unusual brooches – poodle, butterflies and corals

“Pieces of jewellery, dancing out of line” – so, one could describe the diverse collection of brooches by Grace Kelly. Here’s yet more extravagant liked the actress and Princess of Monaco. So she called her own among other four brooches with animal motifs. Among them is a over and over with diamonds of occupied badges in the form of the poodle, Grace Kelly wore at her dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent in the style of the artist Mondrian.
In addition, she called one of brooch Pearl, Gold and diamonds in the shape of a chicken their own, as well as a hedgehog badges and a butterfly clip.
Also rather unusual materials such as coral are among the jewels of Grace Kelly, so when an apricot brooch in the form of flower in coral, whose bleeding produced by diamond in gold with brilliant-cut.

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