Google Unveils Smart Wristband for Health Tracking

The fact that a development deal Android team at Google, and there are patent since 2011 but, suggests that the smart watch concept the company will soon become a commercial product.

Competition in the smartphone market is already very intense, but it seems the biggest names in the industry prepare for battles and a new field – that the so-called smart watches – smartphone companion.

Once these devices have already penetrated our market, and it became clear that similar cook also Samsung, and Apple intends to make another technological Ettal with its iWatch, now appeared information that the smart watch concept is not indifferent and company Google.

It is reported online edition of the CNET, referring to The Financial Times, arguing also that development is concerned not famous and not so secret laboratory Google X (behind Project Glass), and the team of Android. This fact leads to the expectation that smart wristwatch version Google and will soon become a real consumer product.

According to sources in support of this prediction is the fact that Google e filed a patent application for smart clock back in 2011. It describes a device containing a display with two screens and interactive user interface.