Francesco Scognamiglio: the Fashion Show S / S 2015 at the Milan Fashion Week

Francesco Scognamiglio presented at Milan Fashion Week, spring-summer 2015 collection from the years 30’s flavor, inspired by Madame Grès.

Continues the fashion week in Milan, with the presentation of the collection for next spring-summer 2015 signed by Italian fashion designer Francesco Scognamiglio.

The woman Francesco Scognamiglio inspired by Madame Grès

In the new line for next summer proposal to the Milan Fashion Week, the Italian designer was inspired by Madame Grès, a timeless icon of French fashion.

So the woman conceived for spring-summer 2015 by Francesco Scognamiglio has an ‘innate elegance, wearing clothes haute couture with natural ease, knows just be sexy and sophisticated, not to mention modernity.

A collection from the years ’30 flavor

In the spring-summer 2015 collection, Scognamiglio tends to give very importance to the lengths, so the parade signed by fashion designer, begins immediately with long dresses elegant and refined, inspiring totally 30s, with sensual transparency in sight. The fashion show continues with high-waisted trousers and blouses in chiffon fabric for a sexy look and ultra-feminine.
But in addition to transparency-sometimes a little ‘hot-the Scognamiglio clothes are precious embroidery, woven on antique looms, like tropical flowers but also important details like lace, which reports on pencil skirt. All garments are made ​​with light fabrics, almost impalpable, especially silk habotai.

All colors proposed

As for the colors for the summer, the designer opts for nuance pale, delicate and if we also want to etiquette, with variations ranging from light, at a very light peach, through the pure white with silver inserts, up get the inevitable black elegance.