Favorite Leather Bag

To choose a leather bag woman, should have the favorite or the thunderbolt?

In our shop, it is not uncommon to hear this reflection about woman leather bag: “I look for the favorite” or “I had a crush on this bag.” No doubt, for many women, buy a leather bag almost falls amorous adventure and we understand why the makers of leather goods and fashion in general are constantly seeking the right idea, the right leather or fine line for their models.

Only here! What’s it like a handbag favorite? Each course will have its own definition, it fluctuates with the mood and the means of the moment. Yes, the budget is a factor that is not insignificant and all the “favorite” is not necessarily accessible.

But if the leather bags for women are often chosen via Allsetbackpacks from seemingly emotional criteria, leather goods brands do not completely ignore your taste and study very carefully with of “samples” of consumers. So most of the bags are offered by major brands have been designed incorporating the ingredients usually preferred by some consumers. This approach allows manufacturers to avoid or minimize “crashes” commercial, economic issues are important for certain industrial. Why not? If this corresponds to the tastes of most consumers, you say.

But this method does not she removes the authenticity and thus the interests of creation.It is believed noticed for some time, in leather, the most creative are not necessarily the best known. Of course, there should be agreement on the meaning of “creative” and, besides, everyone does not necessarily seek a model of revolutionary bag. That is true. But always choose the “main stream” for its collections, is that it does not kill just the spirit of fashion?

I can hear the sarcastic tell me that, as in economics, fashion has no morals but objectives.Is. The “industrial” style thinking, analysis, mastery and distributes.

In against part, so everything becomes reasonable and calculated in fashion and especially leather goods, in your opinion, for how much longer we will find leather bags woman “favorite”? You know, the Itbag, the must, the one absolutely wants!

The leather bag woman presented to the top of the article is from the collection of the brand Legionnaire, you can find some models Our site.