Fashion for All Ages

We need light on the catwalk because today we have one more post about fashion inspirations, which is filled with gorgeous looks, to suit women of all styles, sizes and ages. Mark there because this is a wonderful shot for young folks and even the ladies who don’t give up perfect production! We were invited by ELIZABETH D MONACO, owner of a multi-brand boutique of Campo Grande (MS) who takes his own name, to participate in the parade which is organized to celebrate the mother’s day. We admired the amount of looks that were presented of various sizes (from No.34 to No.50).

The ELIZABETH Of MONACO makes polka dot dresses, by appointment only, and you will find a plethora of options there, from a basic dress to a beautiful party dress. And believe me, the price is friendly (so you can have an idea, a party dress cost on average R$700.00). Of both travel and bring clothes to her friends, Beth (we’re already intimate!) has decided to open a larger space to meet the friends of friends, and this idea has been touted the success of her “Home Store”. What’s great is that the service is made in a quite reserved and intimate place! What woman doesn’t like stuffing closet with a low spending?!