Etro: the Fashion Show S / S 2015 at The Milan Fashion Week

A free woman and in contact with nature: for spring-summer collection 2015 is inspired by the Navajo Etro.

A woman, an artist, who lives in the desert. Again, to dominate the inspiration to Milan Fashion Week is the spirit of the seventies. That for his collection Spring-Summer 2015 Etro misses in music and vibes festival period, but in a variation somewhat ‘Complementary and a little’ different: hippie, yes, but in Navajo sauce. In a proximity to nature in its wild streak.

Etro ss 2015, organic couture

The ethnic characteristic and almost signing Etro, the SS 2015 is therefore that of Native Americans. With a collection of “couture organic”, as defined by Veronica Etro, where prevail are skirts or loose-fitting clothes and layers upon layers, vests, slim silhouette here and there oversize, including pullovers, kaftans and ponchos. With fabrics passed for more treatments and washes up to get an effect, a bit ‘vintage, of lived, primitive. Already existed and already left to dry (or, who knows, worn) under the scorching sun of the desert of New Mexico.

Etro prints and accessories

A spring-summer marked by freedom and pervasive and vibrant energy that passes through the fringes, the beads and the prints, paisley, geometric and tribal that dominate the outfits, and the many accessories, from boots to mini bags shoulder, to necklaces-acchiappasogni.

Fashion, travel

Etro and confirming for the next summer season his character that much we have learned to know and love: that of a modern bohemian who is born and lives, from traveling and meeting with different cultures and spirits. Totemic and sandy for the SS 2015, and the curiosity arises, and already dream of a coast-to-coast for the holidays that will be: what will be the destination for your next trip?