Dress Code Esporte Fino Feminino

World passion among women, the dresses are favorite pieces and often jokers in any guard female clothing. Whether it is basic, social, more classic or jovial style, they will always be part of the feminine universe.

How about knowing a little more about a model that is widely used by women? The Fino Sport model is well known and widespread, so know a little more about it and how to use it on occasion.

Dresses Esporte Fino

The dress fine sport can also be known as walking dress or “Tenue de Ville” (City of clothes). A dress fine sport is the kind of clothing that is between casual wear and formal, it means you will have more freedom to choose a look thin sport as much luxury is not necessary, you only need to show a more elaborate clothing.


The dresses fine sport still has the characteristic of having a great fit, so ended up falling on women’s taste. They can both be used day and night and can be short or long. Here are some tips for using the dresses fine sports during the day or at night.

The Style of the Dresses Esporte Fino

Like fine sport is not too social, what you say is that you will always be well-groomed.

We know that many women feel good to use jeans and a dress shirt and so even simple is elegant. Obviously accessories give elegance tone request to clothing.

The brand’s style dresses Esporte Fino is that even being simple, they provide the woman that uses an air of sophistication, but are quite comfortable. Normally the accessories that complement the visual bring the right spot to set the look.


When using with sneakers and flat sandals, you are simple and well dressed. You can also use simple belts and without glare, which may be used during the day. The jewels and/or jewelry should make the look harmoniously, as will be used during the day to avoid too flashy accessories.

Now the look fine sport is to be used during the night, start production taking the foot and putting a high heel. Be a sandal or shoe, the heel is indispensable. Now you can start applying the gloss and wear jewelry that draw more attention.

After seeing all these tips, it is known that the fine sport type dresses are suitable for use during the day or night.

The length of them is definitive to set how you want to present the basic fine sport to chic fine sport, it is up to you.

During the day bet on dresses longuetes type or short, depending on location, not so short. And the night you can use and abuse of sizes, short, long and longuetes, all can be used. Prioritize the fabric, the cut and the dress modeling, they finish to the sophisticated air you need.

And remember, accessories are all set for your perfect look. Belts, shoes, handbags and jewelry finalize perfectly your work.

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