Do Red Passion? No, Cherry Red

They say of the Red that is the color of violence and fury. It is also the color of Mars, the blood, and passion; in politics, it is associated to the Communists and in banking, that you’ve been “without a hard”. In China, it stands for good luck and fortune, but when it comes to dress it up, it is high-pitched and somewhat histrionic, but also very feminine.

Red has several colours: vermilion, Scarlet, Carmine, Crimson, or grana. And in between all of them: the cherry. Much less intense than the base tone but very majestic and perfect to carry it alone. In coats, dresses, skirts, and pants, but also in shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories to put the counterpoint to a sleeping look. and This autumn-winter hits much stronger than his older brother, eternal red Valentino.

In a matter of tissues also house with everyone from the skin, to lycra, passing through the chiffon, taffeta or silk; smooth, or with inlays, drawings and embroidery; of free, or accompanied by black and white.

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