DIY How To Make Quick And Easy Leggings Without Patterns

How are they?

Sewing everything looks complicated, except in this tutorial that I uploaded a few days ago by a pledge that all want to have in the closet, was enough order for you in my Instagram and Youtube.

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Now if show les How to make pants leggings effect leather molds to make it customized with stamping wishing or color that makes you feel good. That Yes! they must use fabrics that stretch so that the leggings adapts to the body that uses it.

Give play the moment came for the tutorial!

As they realized I made two pants with stretch fabrics, synthetic leather leggings is with zippers in the boot and the other is simpler but in lace (also known as you lace or doilies) combined with t-shirts oversizes, dresses or long and large garments, is what makes me feel comfortable but in the video at I made an exception to show the result.

Some know that I like to go all dressed in black for that one time share you two DARK LOOKS that I’ve created with these pants and inspired GOTH-METAL-ROCK my style so that they have an idea of how they can use black clothes and create a dark aesthetic without being exaggerated.

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