Discover Your Ethnic Cardigan

The ethnic and bohemian cardigan rages among the celebrities, and it’s no wonder why it feels phenomenal.
Apparel such as cardigans, ponchos, jackets or jerseys with ethnic print are ideal for your boho-chic looks. Accessories such as  hats, booties and bags that contrast with the chosen cardigan are perfect for complete look.

Choose Your Ethnic Cardigan

Do not you know how to decide for yourself? We discover in Demodaybelleza  the keys to know how to choose your ethnic poncho.

1# Pattern Color

Color is the key to show off your cardigan . We have selected a poncho color black and beige as it combines perfectly with any look that we get and we can also use both day and night. You have to keep in mind that the cardigan is a basic garment and should have a colored versatile to combine it with all your wardrobe.

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2# Details

It’s that kind of thing, which makes a cardiganspecial or seems ordinary. Bet on trends likefringes or play with coins to give a boho-chicstyle to your poncho. We bet on the coins for the type of cardingan print. Since for the fringes it is better to decide for smooth garments.

3# Width

The cardigans usually always look better when they are to the waist as recommended. You know why?

Being a wide garment, it hides our silhouette showing a very interesting casual chic style. However, we have to take into account, that if our poncho reaches lower than the waist, it can distort our figure and seem less favored.

As you see the length of the cardigan is key, since if it is short the garment will look to us, and if it is long, we will wear the garment

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