Desigual: the Fashion Show S / S 2015

In New York parade Desigual: a colorful overdose of joy and sensuality for a spring-summer collection of floral inspirations and ethno-chic.

New York lights color: show the proposal of Desigual Spring / Summer. Ambassador exclusively of Spanish fashion house, the beautiful Brazilian model Adriana Lima, who with his extrovert personality perfectly embodies the Mediterranean style, fresh and sensual brand.

Flower Power

Music from the sweeping rhythms and Models who tread the catwalk not only to remove but to have fun: a performance that repeatedly emphasizes the joyful, cheerful and vital character of the collection inspired by the floral theme and entitled “Say something nice”precisely in relation to the language of flowers.

a discontinuous style, but who can renew and reinterpret different mood passing nonchalantly from a dress romatico chiffon gray and pink in a tight dress strapless by the press “galactic print.” the leitmotif of the parade, the wreath worn by all Models that, in the playful spirit in which it recalled the show, greeted the audience with a hand gesture or a kiss. Some models were then dumped carrying in his hand a comic with various written, including “Looking for a boyfriend” or “I love photographers”.

metropolitan Globetrotter

Another element of inspiration declared for the collection designed by Jess Monterde ismulticulturalism. That Desigual is a traveler and cosmopolitan woman who steals and trends inspiration from the places you visit and which is fascinated: kimono jackets, Mexican ponchos, tunics Indian-inspired or Hawaiian. A small note of national pride: all the hairstyle has been cured Italian Marco Santini for Amika.
Confirmation: the spirited character, which has always characterized the brand, is as always brought on the catwalk through the courageous combination of vibrant colors it produces original unpredictably and satisfactory results, and its traditional “medallions” that recall the beautiful Mandala Buddhist representation of spirituality as much as ephemeral.

Le Guest Star tra backstage e front row

Present in the front row, and fotografatissime, the fashion blogger Olivia Palermo, the socialite Poppy Delevingne and actress Rosario Dawson. Were a bit ‘disappointed those who expected a small performance that heat up the show by Santiago original actress; Adriana Lima has in fact granted some backstage shots and a big kiss to photographers at the end of the catwalk. Lovers of Spanish fashion house, however, will not be disappointed by the next season, in this latest collection in fact gather around the Desigual character.