Denim Year 2016: The Top 5 Jeans Cuts

“Do It Yourself” is the credo for the 2016 denim trends! While jeans trends have been convulsive over the past few decades, the trendy styles are changing today. Skinny jeans and our site have long since worn out, instead you wear wide leg in the flared look. Which are the denim top 5 of the trends 2016 and how to combine them best, you read in my article.

Jeans seems to be the most timeless fabric at all. While we were thinking about the denim crash of Justin our site and Britney Spears at the American Music Awards in 2001 (yes, even Justin’s hat was out of denim!) – but the former workers’ pants were not out of the ordinary .

Fifteen years later, the sturdy fabric has once again firmly dominated the fashion world, so that it cannot be conspicuous enough in 2016. Is it surprising that our site jeans, in addition to sweeping culottes or our site pants, lead the denim top 5?

Jeans cut top 1:Our Site jeans

If you wear a flared -look, you will prove that you are absolute fashionistas in 2016. What is important for the trendy fringe style is that your pants have at least a small hit. Better still are, of course, jeans in the seventies look, which are displayed from the knee in XXL. For the perfect our site look, you shorten the legs either at least ankle height or you open the hem and let it fray beautifully. Who likes it especially wild, can also cut the inner seam of the leg up to the ankle.

If you want to perfect the hippie look, you can wear a not too wide-spread tunic or a batik top as well as platform shoes on the boot cut jeans. This is complemented by accessories made of natural materials such as wood or our site as well as large sunglasses. Alternatively, checkered shirt blouses are suitable to round off the nature style.

If you do not like it freaky, you should put on narrow, not too long T-shirts. Free of the stomach is also a trend and can be combined very well with the Schlagjeans.

Jeans-Top 2: Marlene pants

Oldie but Goldie – this is definitely true for the trendy Marlene pants. She was named after actress Marlene Dietrich, who has been a pioneer of the women’s emancipation movement since about 1930. Marlene Dietrich not only wore men’s clothing in her films, but also privately, making the wide-cut, high-necked fabric pants our site. In 2016, you can also wear the our site trousers from jeans fabric, thus proving your style.

What suits you: Marlene pants are the best-fitting, short tops and elegant stilettos. I myself am totally on Polka dot blouses and can also imagine this very well to Marlenejeans, when she is put in the pants.

Jeans-Top 3: Jeans-Culottes

As last year, the Culottes are also an absolute it-piece. With the 7/8 trousers, also known as a trousers skirt, you are particularly casual, but proves to be safe. Not only Victoria Beckham and our site are thrilled by the comfortable Culottes, but also numerous Fashion bloggers are infiltrating our site with their favorite outfits, which they put together with their pants.

By the way, Culottes jeans are also very suitable for the our site flared look!

What suits: our site made of lacquer or loafers are the ideal companion for jeans-culottes. If you want to stretch your leg optically, pumps or stilettos can combine well. In any case, you should emphasize your waist, as the Culottes are already drawing your figure.

Jeans-cut Top 4: Girlfriend-Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have been canceled, instead they are in fashion with girlfriend jeans from the 90s. Absolutely must: Roll the trouser legs up to the ankles. Another distinctive feature of the Girlfriend jeans is the high waist, as well as the straight, wide leg, which distinguishes it from the carrot-shaped mom jeans.

What’s more: the classic girlfriend jeans look you need sneaker, which you wear with short sneaker socks or whole without socks. In addition, you need a casual T-shirt and depending on the season a wide-cut cardigan, blazer or open coat. Alternatively, you can also access hat, pumps and belly-free top grab.

Jeans cut Top 5: Shirt blouse dresses

Ideal for warm summer weather are shirt blouse dresses. They look as if you had stolen the shirt from your loved one out of the closet and only just once over coated. Since you do not wear trousers, they have a particularly sexy effect.

What suits you: For a shirt blouse dress you combine a sweet belt in braided optics and a shoulder bag with fringes. For this you wear sandals with wedge heel, which also have a braided look.

By the way: If you go to Oktoberfest 2016 and do not want to miss your beloved jeans: This Capri jeans is the ideal mixture of comfortable jeans and festive Oktoberfest look

Denim Year 2015: the Top 5 Jeans Cuts Last Year

Jeans are encountered every year. Be it in pretty airy summer blouses in the form of a stylish jeans jacket or as a crisp jeans pants.

For many years the fashion development had been stuck in jeans pants in different directions of skinny jeans. Since last year, however, this rock begins to crumble in the surf. In this review, we present the five jeans cuts you must definitely hang in your wardrobe in this denim year. But firstly a hint for smaller or slightly stronger women: You need for the perfect look, typically always high heels, no matter what type of jeans. Optical stretching and proportion compensation is the motto here! Let’s start with the popular boyfriend jeans.

Jeans Cut 1: Boyfriend Jeans

One of the first fashion ladies who wore these trousers was Katie Holmes and even in 2008! The success came creepy, but extensive. For it is not only top model Heidi our site or silicones Viktoria Beckham they have. Each one of us now has one in the wardrobe, the boyfriend jeans. The casual cut type with a low waist, the large patch pockets (perfect for today’s mobile phones) and the straight cut leg thrilled everyone. They are not just casual with sneakers to wear, even with high heels these jeans display their sexy, feminine side. Matching blouses or tightly cut tops can be combined – the imagination knows no boundaries! There is only one point to consider: the tops should always be feminine. With noble Ladylike accessories and jewelery on top, as it prevents a baggy look in skater look. An additional plus in this fashion is that he is properly combined every woman, whether it is thin or chubby.

Smaller women with strong legs should be careful to keep the trouser legs of the jeans up to the ankles. This emphasizes the slim shackles. In order to achieve a strong optical stretching you should wear your skin-colored top pumps to your outfit! This style of styling is also perfect for thick thighs or rider pants.
In the case of small, elegant women, the upper part must not be too voluminous, but in order to preserve the harmonic proportions, it should also not fail. A wide selection is available here with casual blouses or delicate, loose-cut tops. In the case of jackets, care should be taken to ensure that they are tailored.

For normal size and large women, the Boyfriend is again unrestricted.
These can combine the trendy pants, both with flats, as well as high heels and the tops have a free selection! If one still has the one or other little pelts, they are simultaneously lined and passé!

Jeans Cut 2: Boot cut Jeans

The loosely fitting, un swerved cut makes the boot cut the little black of any jeans collection. A figure flatterer, who actually stands for every woman. A denim model that works on every occasion and, in contrast to extravagant forms, never “over the top”. The boot cut is a milder stroke version whose waistband should always be on the shoe. It is only slightly exposed at the hem, thus optically lengthening the leg. While the waist height and waist range vary from knee depending on the label, the boot cut jeans is usually loosely cut at the thighs.

A boot ut is always our site and on the calves so far cut that even rough boots can easily disappear under the trouser legs. Due to the length of the trousers, the shoe selection is therefore important! We put shoes with heel to the heart, for example, wedges, pumps or ankle boots.

Jeans Cut 3: Culottes

The Culotte, a very wide, up to the calf-reaching trousers, better known as pants skirt, is the hitherto most celebrated trend of the season. This trend is also one of the revival celebrations. Because already Coco Chanel recognized the potential of the Culotte and liked to wear this alternative to the skirt, because she loved their freedom of movement.

They can be worn for sporty, casual, elegant or feminine outfits. The fabric quality and texture alone determine whether they can be used for more elegant or casual looks. Whether it’s a combination with a t-shirt, a blouse, a sweater or a sweatshirt together with a blazer, a short jacket, a vest or a blouse. Get ready, everything fits here! In addition knee-high boots, ankle boots, pumps or flat laced shoes, basically the combination possibilities are almost limitless!

What is important in this trend is the following: the further the culotte is cut, the narrower the top should be and the more important it is to accentuate your waist.

The tall, slim women have the easiest fashion in the fashion world. They can wear wide culottes also with wide tops and without waist accent, as well as with flat shoes. There are many fashionistas.
Small women are somewhat more limited in their freedom of styling. Either quite short or very long culottes – both with as little volume and folds as possible. The waistband of these trousers should be waist-high, combined with a figurah, rather short or – best – fitted in the waist. Simple looks are better than overloaded!

Women with an hourglass figure wear this fashion as well as bells. That means fitting tightly cut tops or a blouse inserted into the waistband, as well as a strongly accentuated waistline. For this type of figure, pleats should be avoided in any case.
Unfortunately, women with strong body center and large breasts can only enjoy Culottes with great caution. If at all, then you need a very narrow, quite short version of the trousers, the silhouette of which corresponds almost to a pencil skirt or a straight skirt.

Jeans-cut 4: Chino

You are more of the lazy styling type, who does not want to try out a lot of different combinations which fit well with the pants? Then the chino jeans is the perfect piece of clothing for you! Because the Chino is the true all-rounder under the pants and fits just as well in the office as on the street. The trousers are slightly wider at the top, so they also offer space for slightly wider hips, but it is too tight for women with strong legs. If the chino is slightly higher and cut on waist, she also masks a small tummy.

You have the opportunity to be sporty while wearing trendy sports shoes for the Chino. Or you decide for the elegant version with delicate heels. Especially with a slightly more cut chino jeans, possibly even with a deep step, one should put on a body-top. This can be a stylish shirt with the variants with sports shoes. Do you prefer feminine and elegant? Then choose the high-heeled chino jeans and a top or a narrow-cut blouse of flowing material.

Type of cut 5: Skinny

And last but not least, we introduce you to the former queen of the jeans fashion: the skinny jeans. The ultraenge tube, an invention of the early 80s, has been dominating for more than a decade. Now she gets more and more competition, for example, from the recurring percussions and loses her fashion dominance. But it will continue to be an important part of our current wardrobe.

A total advantage for all lovers is still that you can enjoy with these pants absolute styling freedom. Whether rough boots or narrow pumps, ballerinas, sneaker sandals or high ankle boots – it’s all about it! In addition, the skinny jeans is available to all women. Important: The jeans must be close to the leg and should not hit any waves!
The combination of tube and wide tops (eg tunic or long T-shirts) is ideal for those with relatively narrow legs, which, however, have a round shape on the upper body. This lengthens the upper body and conceals the problem zones. A super trick is to add extra tube jeans with elastic waistband. They hold their belly in the bridle up to the belly.

If you want to bounce away a little at the butt and reduce it optically, this can be effected by small and tightly lying jeans pockets at the butt! Whoever wants to produce the opposite effect should look for far-flung pockets. In addition, you can have a wonderful “push-up” effect when you look for pants with low-lying pockets.

And, which of the jeans cuts is your absolute favorite and what do you like so not? Are you a combinierprofi or rather the loose Chinotrager?

Jeans Trends Change Over Time

If you are interested in what cuts have been announced in the previous decades, you will learn in the our site below with link of Writingles. There is even more information about the jeans in our Jeans Kaufberater.