Custom T-Shirts, Choose Style

On custom t-shirts , as in everything , the style comes first , as well as the stamping of the custom t-shirt that will go according to the cut style of shirt chosen.The most appropriate technique and a current style, according to age, to the personal tastes of the wearer, is what will differentiate your personalized t-shirt from the rest.

Well, let’s offer you some ideas to choose the right shirt to customize, reviewing the most recognized brands, more quality, with the latest models.

Personalized t-shirts, young trend: Roly and Fruit of the loom

Young people are betting on t-shirts that fit the body, shaped, that are soft but also durable.The ones we recommend are the Roly T-shirts, like the Atomic model .You have them in 6 different colors and sizes from S to XXXL.Nor can we forget the brand of Fruit of the loom that makes t-shirts in a unique cotton, and a notched form, which is very cool.

Custom t-shirts that are tough with impeccable results, once customized.The stamping of this type of T-shirts is flawless if the appropriate stamping technique is used in each case.

For this, we take into account both the fabric, the shape and the content of the graphics (colors, shapes, shines). At Impacto33 we do a quick study at no cost to find the ideal stamping technique to achieve spectacular results.Both with serigraphy and sublimation , impeccable results can be achieved in personalized shirts, which, in addition to having their own style, have a unique message, logo and symbolism.Check out our various stamping techniques for custom t-shirts.

Custom T-shirts, classic trend: B & C and Guildan

Although it seems a topic, it is true, past the 35 we usually like the more neutral colors along with the classic cuts.Without losing that yes, the freshness and the fashion touch that we all like.For more sober or classic trend models, you have the brand B & C  Which offer high quality models at affordable prices.You also have Guildan, with many models to which more elegant.

They have the classic tones that every closet bottom should have. Neckwear are especially elegant. Once personalized, these shirts are a super special garment.

Women’s custom t-shirts, notched to enhance

When it comes to personalized t-shirts, women, of course, we like notched, they gird enough enough to enhance our attributes but without exaggeration.Sometimes, they serve the own unisex t-shirts, if for example, you order it in a smaller size, especially for young girls.However, there are very feminine and inexpensive models on T-shirts with a wide range of color like the Roly Jamaica models .They look very nice, they are fresh and flattering.

Customized t-shirts to stamp with different styles of cut, color and trends from In Impacto33 we seek the maximum perfection to achieve a unique prints, impeccable. We work day by day with the most innovative techniques, we study the drawing, the illustration and the message to give the most perfect finishing, saving costs.