Custo Barcelona New York Fashion Week

Custo Barcelona presents the fall winter 2015 2016 collection on the catwalks of New York. The contemporary inspiration is characterized by ethnic and two main reasons raids: tartan and houndstooth.

Like no surprise.
Summing the fall winter 2015-2016 collection of Custo Barcelona, ​​the tam tam online settles on this data.

Surprise, yes or no?

Little color, a lot of inspiration Northern Europe. Patron of the surprise, the Spanish fashion designer Custo Dalmau knows what is the underlying theme of the next cold season: tartan and houndstooth. Bluntly and orientation top-bottom, that is, from outerwear to shoes.Outright autumn weather, in fact.
It is surprising that it is precisely Custo Barcelona to tell us, and, come to think, the surprise we had, and how. Is flawless.

Vanguards and magic

Nothing too traditional, if you had been attacked by similar doubts. The avant-garde spirit of the Iberian brand is not denied but is, rather, underlined by the edge minimized and inverted commas in soft waves, the mandatory tender to monochrome and “yes” to the absolute imaginative combinations of highly charged nuance.
There are plenty of factors magic, directly from the witch’s cauldron. Among the masculine pieces paraded down jackets printed with mesh pattern. If from a distance looked like a cardigan announce boss, close the fabric was obviously technician. A touch of magic or illusion?

Hit parade Custo Barcelona FW 2015-2016

The elements to be “hit” of the Custo Barcelona fashion show: the mini-mini dresses (because a “mini” is not enough to make the idea), the hazard in terms of decor and color scheme, the irregular hems, mirrored glasses multicolor, oversize wool, tartan patterned in black / white match, gray / beige, pink / green oil, why batik and reminiscences maya.
Separately, goes applaud the suit with short pants on olive tones and Brown. 10 and praise the decorative stripes on around the thigh and arms in gold tones.

Let shake

If you could speak the collection FW 2015-2016 Custo Barcelona impart an order that would sound like this: “Shake before use”. The palette of neutral colors, in fact, meets with ethnic colors, creating a sensual language, synergistic and contemporary.
If the detailed covers, almost palpable, a leading role, Custo style also has a high degree of functionality. There are several interesting points, including the wool / laminate dialogue and light silk dresses. Really unique pieces.

3D dress

Announced a trend has to do with the release of the clothes in 3D. Custo Dalmau is most certain that this will happen very soon. Meanwhile, parading on the catwalk her digital prints declined on fabrics such as lamé, the material overlaps with rolled detail and ecopellicce on fuchsia shades. The contemporary message that the designers wanted to move seems very successful. And to close another stylist statement: “The future of fashion is undoubtedly towards technology”. To be continued…