Curvy Fashion, One Size up Seducing!

Who told him that the woman in the flesh with its soft, buttery forms can not dress dizzying clothes?

Even for women, proud of their chiletti more, the fashion in every season launches entire collections with proposals very original and feminine clothing that tend to bring out the shapes in the right places, instead of camouflaging with tricks and special optical effects, small defects of a line not just from anchovies!

Let’s say that today unlike in the past is no longer difficult to find clothes suitable for all circumstances even if you have a size over, as even the well-known and big fashion brands begin to produce oversized heads paying more attention to the cut of at style that should always be feminine, and why not, sensual!
So even for the woman who dresses up the 46 current proposals are interesting fashion and in line with current trends that allow you to create unique outfits, formal or informal , glam and chic taste.

Marina Rinaldi, Elena Miro, Fiorella Rubino and Person

If the tendency to consider the curvy woman a beauty icon and so worthy of even parading on the catwalk is the American model, in Italy also you are making inroads lately this new way of seeing and conceiving fashion plus size. In fact there are various trendy dedicated Italian curvy swords: from Marina Rinaldi at Elena Miro , which offers feminine and glam dresses for any occasion, from Fiorella Rubino at Max Mara person.

Curvy fashion today is characterized by so-called basic pieces that can be worn in different ways and adapt without too much trouble to any outfit. Dresses, shift dresses, tops, pants, skirts with classic lines and soft, blouses and shirts, are the new color and vibrancy thanks to the shades and patterns used fluorescent colors so fashionable this summer 2013 to the optical and floral motifs.

The curvy woman can and should highlight its soft forms, such as the waist that will look thinner if you wear a tight dress-type tubino- paradoxically fact the optical effect that is created will be thinning! No total black as it does not hide making it look lean!
On the contrary, the curvy woman should wear clothes in fancy and bright or pastel colors to focus attention on his physical strengths, such as for example, cleavage, and should not absolutely take refuge behind the single color to hide because this would flatten the figure.Show is the watchword!