Colorful Times Are Breaking – Ice Watch, the Trend Pointers

With great series, such as Beach Summer, Crazy, Love, Party, Style and many more, the colorful Ice Watches attract and conquer our hearts! With big time jumps, great models and a huge color palette, we head for the summer and always have the time on our Ice Watch in mind. You can find out what kind of watches you would like from the large assortment of your wrist!

The Football Fan

As a BVB full-blooded fan you will not miss a game with the limited Ice Watch Edition. In the typical club colors, you can show the BVB Black Yellow Big, the BVB Chrono, the BVB Small or the BVB Unisex, wherever your football heart hangs and tell the referee after 90 minutes that he has to puncture on time! If you convince us to be a real fan, you can even win the BVB edition!

The Motor sports Fan

You are more likely to be involved in car racing and follow the BMW team, whether it’s Formula 1 or Touring Car Championship? Show everyone with the Ice Watch BMW Motor sport, which shows you the fastest laps.

Design-in Love, Now and Then Turned, But in Any Case Trend-Conscious?

If you are looking for a straightforward design, clear timings and trendy colors, the Ice Watch Slim is just right for you. It convinces with trendy color combinations and a perfect fit at the wrist. A beautiful summer accessory with which you can color. If it can be a little bit more crazy, you’ll be in for the Ice Crazy. In the colors candy, lime, pink, yellow and purple an absolute statement. We fell in love immediately!

Stars and Asterisks

It is also glamorous – with the Ice Glam. This jewel is a true eye-catcher in matte black, combined with golden hands and gold rim, giving you a sporty glam factor. It is more elegant with the Ice Watch Elegance in Gold, Pearl Silver or Pearl Gold. These three super models are a must-have for every elegant evening outfit.

Beach Pearl or Beach Boy

White beaches, deep blue sea. You can hardly wait to jump into the waves and explore the colorful marine life under water. Afterwards, you can enjoy the sunshine in the deck chair or have a cocktail at the beach bar? Then the Ice Watch Beach Summer, Dive or Denim is the right watch for you. At the beach you stroll with the top model Ice Watch Beach Summer or you just dive with the black, orange or ocean blue Ice Watch Dive. A casual companion for surfing beach life is the ice denim. The cool denim look in Light or Dark Blue makes it the absolute highlight of the season. We are in love again!

Real Guys and Strong Women

The Chrono, Party-Chrono, Alu and XXL series are bursting with strength and underline the character of their wearers: charismatic, determined and goal-oriented – whether private or in their profession. In many color combinations, their owners can express their individuality. All series are loyal companions when it comes to it and never let their bearers down!

Vintage Lovers

If you like to dream of the times of the entrepreneur Don Draper from the TV series “Mad Men” and revel in the 60s, the vintage collection of Ice Watch is the heart. Materials and look are inspired by this time and have a wrist-like feel, experience and bottom. Classical and at the same time stylishly one gets here an adventurous and always punctual companion.

Your Style Is Timeless and Beautiful?

Trends back and forth, here is still far from the end. The Ice Watch classic is always “in”, always “top”, always “en vogue”. In your favorite color, you will always feel comfortable with this faithful time recorder. Today a green outfit? No problem, the color palette radiates in all rainbow colors and leaves nothing to be desired.

And, for which ticker do you decide? We find: not easy and superior, just to get several for different occasions … go on!