Bimba & Lola, Collection Autumn-Winter 2008/09: a Different Fast Fashion Concept

If a few months ago we did a thorough review by a new chain Inditex, Uterqüe, Empire stores could not revisit the Autumn-Winter 2008/09 collection one of the fashion brands growing has experienced in recent times: Bimba & Lola.

The wake of the corporate group Adolfo Dominguez SA, the second most powerful in the country, was founded by two of the nieces of the Galician designer formed in her womb, and in just a couple of years it has managed to position itself with advantage in the clothing sector. The key to its success is the youth of a team who knows first-hand the market and their needs as well as a very clear and simple philosophy: Collections limited to reasonable prices.

It is neither Zara nor handle, is a Uterqüe another scale (the latter in fact born with the idea of moving forward), and if at first seemed that his success would be limited, the charm of its small shops, its personalized customer service, and accessories such as mainstay, have made her, a reference.

Their garments design follow trends but does not feed them, i.e., behind their designs not only hides a copy paste no idea, if not that note is the hand of a creative team that knows what it takes and adapts it to its own vision. It is not offer more plagiarism, but reflect a personal seal in the middle of a jungle of nearly identical proposals and no personality. Task difficult, Yes, the primary objective of this type of stores is not be original, but offer interesting alternatives within the parameters of what we already know that it is fashionable.

For this autumn-winter is not out of the margins of what prevails and they suggest colors season as grey, cherry or the mustard, and very warm clothing. Long point; coats, cardigans and jackets; silhouettes globe, pencil skirts, dresses camiseros, billowing skirts, and many shirt and blouse with ribbons, more one than another dose of good skin.

But its strong point, in my opinion, are fashion accessories, especially, shoes.

The ratio is unbeatable, and the assortment, infinity, my bid for this winter: these ankle boots BI in the combination of the season: blue and black.

And the bag perfect to accompany them: this.

If you pass you one of these days by some of its stores, please do not hesitate to buy: have a 30% discount for guests.