Best Backpack for Child

Like to go to the kindergarten, school or camp, your child will also need a backpack of vacation to carry his belongings by air or on foot. The backpack for child to carry the essential for the good of your child. There are classic, colorful, customizable or flexible. That you choose one that best meets your needs and satisfy your child knows.

It is still him who is supposed to wear. You can even find bags original backpack with cute patterns for which your small children will love them. There are many criteria for a backpack for baby, child or teen. We give you some information that will help you find the perfect bag for your child.

Criteria for choosing a backpack for child

There are so many styles of bags for child and at all prices. This is actually not very easy to find child package to meet the needs of your child. However, there are certain criteria to be taken into account and that can help you to make a decisive choice. The main criteria are the weight and size, robustness, as well as the design.

The weight of the backpack

It must ensure that the weight of the suitcase kid is not too heavy when the bag is empty. Ideally, it would be perfect if the suitcase did not exceed 2 kg. It is essential that the child backpack can adapt to the size and weight of your child. A scrip for ultra light child will be much easier to carry than a classic heavy backpack that can damage your child’s back. So, the weight and size are important for choosing a child backpack.

Should not be too broad to avoid clutter and adding to your child. But is not that it is too small or you will not be able to put everything for your child. Ensure the width and the length of the backpack is essential to ensure a good port of bag for your child.In fact, according to doctors, a backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of your child. So, it is better to opt for a light child background.

With or without wheels

Child luggage on wheels are heavier than backpacks without rollers. They release the child to a load on his back. For large distances is practical, your child will simply have to roll the weight of her clothes and other accessories rather than undergo the load on the back.

A bag with wheels for children can be carried on your back when your child is required to take a staircase. Choose the most convenient bag for your child. Furthermore, let him the opportunity to choose the color or patterns.

The style

You have the opportunity to customize a child backpack. Several online stores allow you to personalize a backpack for your child. You can choose to register his name, choose the colors, patterns and even matter.

Then there is also the shape of the bag which can vary. There are original and funny backpacks with forms the unusual forms of animals, fruits and vegetables… You also have the choice between a backpack suitcase for girl or boy with backpacks Hello Kitty or Cars for example. If your child is attracted to fashion, a fashion backpack will type you in the eye.

The color and patterns

The color is very important in the choice of a backpack, so make it attractive for your child, that he wants to prepare and take care. All colors are possible, blue, pink, yellow, green…

You can find with a mixture of colors to delight your child. There are many reasons, butterflies, fruits, stars, ladybugs…

The brand and the price

The mark of a backpack can help you make your final choice. If you have a very limited budget you lean more towards a backpack without brand cheap, simple and of good quality. Also, if you usually buy brand accessories, you can choose a backpack child Disney, Barbie, Violetta… There are also major luggage brands offering a variety of travel for child backpacks. This is the case for example of Kipling, Samsonite, Delsey brand… There are more expensive but of higher quality.

The best models of child backpacks

Lassigs Kids backpack

This is a backpack for girls and boys in various colours. It is equipped with a chest strap, a kit for e utensils of a gourd. It’s a backpack without PVC, respecting the environment. It is equipped with a removable pocket on the front. There is also a hook to hang keys.

It is an ideal bag for children from 3 years. Suspenders very good sound quality. This bag is resistant, it will accompany your child on holiday and at school. It’s a backpack trend offering a good quality/price ratio.

Bee backpack

The brand Skiphop backpack is a funny Binder, it is equipped with a front pocket, a net and an adjustable pouch on the side in which you can slip some books, toys, pencils…

This bag offers even a tag to write the child’s name. It’s a nice Binder, sturdy and spacious. The zipper is very wide thus facilitating its opening and closing.

Vaude backpack

The Vaude brand offers a bag to the back with a front pocket with zip. It is equipped with two net pockets on the outside. The lap belt and the chest strap are removable.

There is a compartment for the addresses and a key ring. It of a capacious backpack but small size. It is of very good quality and easily wash machine without damage.

Hello Kitty backpack

The Hello Kitty brand offers this bag in polyester with zipper. There are two pockets on the front.

It is a fairly large bag in which seen can place clothing, accessories and books. You can even take a snack for your child with a bottle. It’s a durable and ergonomic backpack.

Avengers backpack

For your fan of the Avengers, we offer this backpack inspired characters from Avengers.

It is a resistant ultra boy backpack with enough space can contain several cases. The shoulder straps are reinforced to ensure absolute comfort.

Disney backpack

We offer this backpack Disney for girl in sizeablehandbags, ideal for the lovers of the Disney cartoon characters. It is equipped with wheels allowing a simple and light transport.

The main compartment leaves room for the storage of your daughter. It also has a front pocket and a Cove to suspension.It’s a model made in polyester.