Ben & Frank – A Mexican Brand Of Sunglasses

Did you ever you imagine you that health and the style can go hand in hand? As the Mexican brand of Ben & Frank lenses shows us that this combination is very possible and can give us has to know its main intention: “customers who see and look good”.

This idea began with the question of how buying a lens that were affordable and when to use them to become an accessory that reflects your personality. With this conflict, it was decided that internet would be a useful and innovative in Mexico, and all those people who want to see – is, can get them easily.

How to buy your lenses in your web page, is easy, and they are very visible throughout the process, first your you choose the frame that you like, if you don’t know what goes with you, they send you four pairs of glasses so you can try them yourself comfortably in your House, then you send them the recipe, you can get it with an ophthalmologist who this associate to the totally free brand pay online or you can pay them in cash when you arrive, finally, and often very difficult, wait until you reach your home, get them and use them all the time.

Your designs are very original and casual, change that image usual deal with lenses, or want them to use only when you need them. The quality offered is very good, since they are lenses of Italian acetate, that guarantees that you will last a long time and if for any reason within the first ninety days damaged change them you free of charge.

In addition Ben & Frank not only handles optical lenses, also have sunglasses with frames very original designs, as well, even if you do not have vision problems, you can continue to enjoy these beautiful designs based on phonecations.

The proposal which makes this brand, changes the traditional idea of buying lenses and having to do the entire process to leave your House to visit different stores to choose glasses, seems quite useful to me and I think offering new alternatives of buying and selling to Mexico.