Be a Girl Plus Wear Leggings?

I was reading twitter and I start to see some ridiculous ninis making bad jokes the use of Leggings for women with curves.
I is that many girls have helped, with misuse, the myth. But taunting a woman’s only plus because I want to use them is wrong.

The first thing is that they should stop using leggings with crops.
Secondly do not use Sandals flip-flops with leggings because I then believe that stigma.
Then, as a girl plus can you use leggings?
The first thing is that there are different styles of leggings. Be jeans, print and classic leather.
It is obvious that the girls plus those of leather are questionable.
How do you use the leggings?
1 – with Blazers

How To: Blazers And Leggins by chileez featuring black pants
The blazers are used with the leggings. They are becoming more used to go to work. And well positions can make you look elegant.
2-Tank tops & coats

Leggings by jahkun featuring an indian bracelet
A tank fairly long top that covers you back. Do not wear short blouses with that!
3 – the Preppy style may be used with leggings. A proper sweater, boots and ready.

4 – Finally can give you a chic boho blouse with appropriate accessories.

Don’t be afraid to wear leggings. Just learn to take this must have this summer and without fear!
Hint:Buscate Forever 21 where they have a special price!