Autumn Keys: Mini Jackets of Skin How to Carry Them?

They are from last year one of the Jokers of the autumn/winter season: the genuine leather jacket (or any other material that simulate their effect), size XXS, if possible, have become the indispensable garment of the female wardrobe and are the quintessence of the casual chic look.

While never had occurred to us that we were going to recover one of the hallmarks of the punk phenomenon, these short jackets with lapels, and zipper pockets which became the urban tribe of the crest, are now one of the more press items.

And also more versatile, because there are all kinds, while the rocker model is of the most successful, there are shirred, inlaid metal, or dysfunctional, and in addition, they work with everything from long dresses, and this is one of my favorite choices, exactly as shown Bar Refaeli in the photo more above, informal plan, or even prom dresses embellished with sequins or sequins, preferably.

Although married perfectly with dresses short and fluffy, emulating a Vanessa Hudgens, and that as in the case of pair with an evening gown, it takes away the styling iron becoming formal, informal; or glued to the body, to the impeccable sexy mode of Heidi Klum. If you choose the option of short dress or mid-calf, your best ally will be short booties.

By the way Becki Newton.

The version that I like about the myriad of proposals launched from the international catwalks, is the de Gucci, that apply you tacks on edges and sleeves giving you a less biker air and Most ethnic. In Mango We can find a replica of it at a reasonable price, but for that pos like over the previous version, in the same shop, offer us also a rider version.

And is that the total rider look chic is that stronger beats and is easily conseguible: simply done with a few skinny denim dark, or better yet, in the same leather, or failing that, latex, and below, especially, not opt for a short and narrow t-shirt but rather wide and always longer, because of the supersposiciones game and because sin by default never gives good results when there are pants of by means.

Although that rule of three is broken when it comes in the miniskirt.

Then the proportions add up in the following manner: mini jacket + mini skirt + extra long boots.