Ashley Tisdale’s Boots, Zara

As you know, this winter are very high boots. Type Pretty Woman, to understand us. But if doesn’t convince you all that that exceed the knee and reach the thigh, because you have to take a very tight pants or a short skirt to be able to wear it well, a good way to get them is by bending style musketeer. As Ashley Tisdale.

Of the total look of the actress/singer say that so much everything except the shoes, their styling of today is certainly not the paradigm of elegance, but everything by boots. And is that that same model, you can find him cloned at Zara for a small fee (45 ’ 90 if I remember correctly).

And I am also sure that you suggest it to you, or propose, that my they also like me, you are going combine to know much better, with a black leggings, for example, or skinny jeans; or any shirt dress and thick stockings (of colors, for example).