Are You Still An Elegant Clutch For the Next Celebration?

Whether Jugendweihe, confirmation, wedding, prom, Grandma’s birthday or new year’s Eve party – the small bag is invaluable for festive events, but mostly not easy to find suitable to the elegant outfit. We have a wide selection of a variety of evening bags on sale, but even we ask ourselves again and again: How can I find the right bag for me?

 Is There a Difference Between Clutch and Evening Bag?

First of all a brief explanation of the term: one reads sometimes Pochette much of the clutch or evening bag, and ask yourself, what is actually the difference between the pockets? It’s simple: The fashionable clutch is a small evening bag that caught wearing women primarily in the hand or under the arm. After all, means “to clutch” translated include. However, I must add that the most clutches have a hidden shoulder straps, with which you can also quickly convert the piece of jewelry to the shoulder bag. The design of the clutch is usually collapsed and simply, currently the clutch forms reminiscent of envelopes.

The evening bag, which is also often called Pochette is a classic and elegant version of the Lady’s handbag. Often, the evening bag has even a handle, generally but a rather minimalist format and only one main compartment for all the little things we women at evening events need. The bag can be carry in the hand, as well as with the shoulder strap over the shoulder. As the name suggests, these small bags are intended and often very elegant and glamorous primarily for use in the evening. Evening bags and clutches closer more and more contact and because usually the belt can be removed, a clutch is also lightning fast from an evening bag. So Pocket piece of jewelry should incidentally missing in any wardrobe.

Evening bags and clutches, the bags are all small and compact, so that it should limit itself to the most important items such as lipstick, powder, Pocket mirrors, handkerchiefs, mobile, money / small wallet and keys. Colour, the bags should support the outfit. When a simple look, I recommend a colored bag highlight. If your evening wardrobe you already, you should prefer to fall to a small bag in classic colors. In General, the overall picture must be and you should feel comfortable.

Trendy Colours: Metallic Tones and Classic Nuances

Still, you want to know what you currently wear for festive evening bags? IN clutches in envelope formare as already mentioned. The colors are dominated by Metallic shades such as gold, silver or bronze. Look at Coccinelle, there’s magical Minibag models that have even a chain shoulder strap and fit perfectly to the festive evening wear, but look well with jeans and a Blazer. The models also in classic black are natural, to have blue or red. The metallic look dominated also the beautiful clutches by abro, which come in the simple look.

For those who like even more prominently, for the Pasquinalux LAMU is the right S of Gabs. The evening bag is decorated with trendy color combinations and details is not only slightly larger than their classic buddies The piece of jewelry is available in three different shades of metallic and special accents in any case. Here you should do of course a simple outfit. But if you have prepared it anyway, then this bag is just right for you.

Did you have the right festive bag for your next party?