Antonio Marras: the Fashion Show S / S 2015

The Sardinian designer dedicates the Spring / Summer 2015 collection in a woman without time, Carol Rama, a painter from the great artistic sensibility. In a fusion of fabrics and images on canvas.

A designer and a painter, a Sardinian and Turin, two-stroke generational comparison, two overflowing worlds of different artistic influences, yet so similar, with a sensitivity over the top: it comes to life the Spring / Summer 2015 Antonio Marras, almost suggellazione a profound act of mutual respect, in a fruitful exchange of visionary and vital explosions images.

Fusion of fabrics and paintings, prints and avant-garde designs

Antonio Marras for Spring / Summer 2015 has chosen to celebrate its muse, the artist Carol Rama, reviving the story of his troubled life between the pages in the folds of her skirts, the long silk dresses , the tunics, the tissues fluctuating, in a delicate and surreal. When the spotlight is turned on along the walkway, just a whisper of carillon music starts the dances, interspersed with the sound of gears that are the same to appear on the scene: a long metal wire structure is in fact located at the center, with some wheels They are running as if they were the toothed wheels of a mechanical watch. But are bicycle wheels, the same beloved objects from the painter from Turin, on whose rays reach out arms and gnarled hands, one of the leit motif that appears most often on architectural installations and paintings of extravagant artist.

colorful and vibrant atmosphere

Because for Carol Rama the sensuality, the beauty, but above all the rage, the’ unexpressed aggression, found an outlet only through the curious and disorderly representation of the arms and hands amputated, the rough nudity but at the same time innocent, fetishes and appendages of the human body, the hair, false teeth, red painted nails stuck here and there on the canvas. And the infinite imagination of his mind and his works to life even on the collection: l ‘orange and blue lights are the favorite colors of the painter, that refer to the erotic vitality that she is the ultimate expression of joie de vivre. Hence these two shades light up on rows of long dresses or skirts, on the three-dimensional prints of blouses and tunics punctuated by graphic elements and images of paintings by Carolina, on splashes of color printed as soon as they were cast from the wet brush of ‘artist. Some floral pattern is woven to obsessive return of gnarled hands, stretched, on which the red lacquered nails seem to be extensions hairpieces of the same arts. The touch of Marras is wise in the use of bright fabrics, such as silk , from the wedding of unusual motifs and patterns that are part of his signature style, in a blaze of elegance given by the simple and chaste lines, from sleeves corolla that embellish the outfit.

Atmosfere e intimate cupe

Marras seems to interpret fully the ‘soul countered his muse, and while it celebrates the s vital pint and erotic vitality of Carolina, in a riot of colors, the other knows that there’s a part of her most hidden , more intimate , where the ghosts of a distant past hued bitter and suffering back to the surface, in the shades dark and obscure some elegant clothes. The black blends into the gray and dark red, a favorite color from the painter, and some three-dimensional flowers in shades of blue blooming timidly applied to the fabric in the same manner in which the artist applied his objects on the canvas. The fabrics are even more veiled, especially on long pleated skirts smooth, refined, and in some cases the layers overlap in a game Asymmetric successful. The transparency is the mouthpiece for the sensuality that the painter wanted to evoke with body language, contrasts with data from joining the prudish and prurient, the see and not see, the nudity and the veil that covers it. The artist comes out, in all its most delicate nuances, even in the use of accessories such as necklaces and bracelets that resemble the branches floral of his works, or the choice to dress up your hair with disheveled games, messy, obvious reminiscences of the braid that from immemorial time artist wears on his head, a crowning of a life of sacrifices but at the same time always pregnant, never tired of other life.